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FacesBySarah Party 2010


A great friend of mine whom I got to know through My Red House’s first photo shoot threw a party for all her fans on a Saturday evening a while ago. The entire hall was filled with gorgeous, fine, young ladies. All dressed up to the Arabian Theme of the event. All too colourful to recognise so please forgive me if I didn’t say “hi” alright?

Got to thank Sarah for being such a good friend. Not to mention the other good friends I met through her.

The party was a huge success, marking yet another milestone for her. Would like to say “Continue the great works, looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic art throughout the world, on the covers of magazines, on the billboards, on the websites – literally everywhere”.

Hope everyone liked what My Red House sponsored for the party.

And, would like to apologise for leaving early and not dressing up according to the theme. We had a hen’s party themed “Black Chick”, so..

6 thoughts on “FacesBySarah Party 2010

  1. 🙂 great meeting you at the party too. awww, Amy’s face is all covered up in her shawl! hehehe.
    And thanks for the goodies you provided, my two eyeshadows are lovely!

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