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Minx Nails, Worth It Or Not?

My greatest apologies for those who have been waiting for this post – my impressions on Minx Nails. This draft has been left untouched for many weeks. Today, I am determined to finish and publish it for you. Just to refresh your memory, I went for my first set of Minx Nails at Vedure Nail Spa in November and below are the pictures taken 3 weeks after.

The stickers are starting to peel off from the edges and they are starting to worn off too. Nails are starting to grow out, leaving a gap between the stickers and cuticle.

I am not the most caring person for the Minx Nails. I continued doing the household chores and cooking as usual. Part of me wanted to see how long these stickers can last living an ordinary, usual life. I am positive they can last at least a week longer if I had taken better care of them. Some say “you can glue the edges back with top coat” and some say “use glue to stick them back” but I say, let’s leave it and see what happened.

As for my toes, they are still looking very pretty after 3 weeks.

Minx Nails, worth it or not?

For me, it’s absolutely worth it – for special occasions like events, weddings or celebrations because getting Minxed comes with a hefty price tag. For Minx on the fingers, its S$80 and for the toes, its S$120. On top of that, its recommended to get a classic manicure and pedicure done to prep the nails. I spent a total of S$280 for the set of nails you see above.

Removal of Minx Nails is easy. I went back to the salon to get it done but you can do it at home. Simply soak your nails in warm water and off goes the stickers. Is it drying to the nails? Yes, it is. But it isn’t as bad as getting gel nails done because this process doesn’t require any filing nor soaking off.

Feel free to ask any questions about getting your nails Minxed, I will try my best to answer them.

Thank you for reading.

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