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Missing Days

Hi everyone, how have all of you been? Sorry that I have been away for such a long time. I have missed out so much on both twitter and blogging for the past 3 weeks or so. So much of catching up to do and I just got time to read some of the blog entries I missed last night.

Good to see everyone’s doing alright and busy preparing for Christmas. And of course, all the wonderful and pampering shopping sessions.

Well, I have been going through some harsh days since October from the break-up with my long-term boyfriend but I am totally fine now. Have gotten over the big hooha and tears have all dried up. Now that I am back, here are some updates about my life and what I have been up to lately. Also, I will be back-dating some posts on this blog, hope you don’t mind!!

Days and weeks flew by, have been extremely busy with work and partying!! Lots of December babies celebrating their birthdays it seems. There will be lots of pictures in this post, so enjoy =)

Let’s start off with Shawn’s birthday earlier this month. He is the one man I know who can down a pint in less than 3 seconds!!

Then, we celebrated beautiful Grace’s birthday.

Lot’s of makan and shopping sessions with the ladies too. Nicole bought a pair of Chanel earrings, totally gorgeous and looks stunning on her.

And lastly, the grand opening of Titanium (former DXO) last week.

So, for the past 2 months, my life have been filled with colourful events, drinking sessions, delicious food, love and care from all my family and friends.

What else can I ask for from Santa? Perhaps a larger pay check? Lol..

6 thoughts on “Missing Days

  1. Welcome back! So glad to see a post with so many good times! 😀 Sorry to hear about your unfortunate news, I hope you’re well and there are more fish in the sea! Can’t wait to see more posts!

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