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Christmas Eve Gathering & Gifts

It’s always hectic during end of the year. From the horrible traffic down town to the massive crowds squeezing and rubbing through the streets.

Isn’t it so much more comfortable to hang out at home? I had dinner at home with a bunch of hotties. How did you celebrate your Christmas? Below are pictures taken during the gathering and gift exchange. We had so much laughter and were all super full. Boxes of food from Hans and they are delicious!!

Nothing beats hanging out with a group of sweethearts.

Here comes the presents!! Totally overwhelmed and we ran out of spaces. This is why we all love Christmas, ey?

Let me share some of the presents I received this year. First of all, it’s a set of Chanel No. 5 perfumed soaps. OMG, I don’t think I will ever use them, they are so pretty with No. 5 engraved on them. Not to mention Chanel No. 5 is one of my favourite fragrance of all time.


Next, it’s a camera!! A Canon Power Shot S95 Digital Camera for me to play with. I am still exploring and reading the manual, hoping to capture more interesting shots for this blog!! Oh mine, I am so in love with the settings, colours are so vibrant and clear too.


And lastly, I received lots of LUSH!!


Thank you everyone for making this Christmas super memorable and fun. Thank you all for the gifts and making time for this small gathering. Let’s plan for Christmas 2011, shall we?

6 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Gathering & Gifts

  1. Fat? What utter rubbish – you look awesome! Such nice pressies and I love that shot of your niece (the 2 single portraits in a row? The middle one w her face all scrunched up – sooooo cute!)

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