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Beauty Emporium At Dempsey & My 1st Waxing Experience

Have you been to the Beauty Emporium at Dempsey?

You got to make a trip to the Dempsey House if you haven’t. Because at the House, there is the Barracks Cafe, the Camp Bar and a Beauty Emporium – which pampers you from head to toe. Major brands such as Strip, Browhaus and Spa Esprit are all under one roof, ready to serve us. Take a minute to check out their individual websites, amazing graphics – totally entertaining and interactive.

 Beauty Emporium totally redefined the concept and meaning of shopping, displaying and purchasing beauty products. The interior space is designed in such a way its name reflects – emporium, a market place. Instead of having fresh vegetables, meat and bread, there are rows of face masks, essential oils and services.


I have been dying to try waxing for the longest time but I am scare. Scared of the pain and scared of being embarrassed, this and that. But one fine day, I took the courage and I did it. ALL OFF. I was really shy, feels weird even making my way to the Strip counter because it is located right at the end. Felt as if I had to go through so many obstacles and pairs of eyes just to reach the counter!! When I finally reached, I told the lady at Strip, “I want to wax and it’s my first time” and asked “any recommendations?” It felt so uncomfortable asking and speaking of waxing in the public with strangers BUT the lady did a fantastic job. She explained everything to me very carefully while I was sipping on a cup of hot ginger tea. She explained the entire process from start to finish and the way she spoke, she really know what she’s doing and this calmed me down – a lot.

The next step to being hairless – a beautiful therapist brought me to the room. Passed me a pack of wipes and told me to clean myself, she will be back in a minute. She is really professional. She knew it was my first try and she took care of everything. Told me to take deep breaths and talked to me – to distract me from the hot wax and pain.

The pain is subjective to individual. I find it painful but the pain is very bearable and short span. I am really happy with the service and the outcome of being hair free. I guess it’s something you have to experience yourself. Many of my girlfriends want to try waxing, only a handful have been but the numbers are surely catching up!!

Will I wax again? Of course. I have been back several times since my first and each time seems better – in terms of fear and pain. I can bravely walk into Strip now!!

To round-up my awesome waxing journey, I did a little shopping. A couple of face masks for friends and a set of hand wash.

PS: It took me quite some time to draft this post as I wasn’t sure how I should put my waxing experience into words. I didn’t want it to sound wrong or rude and I hope it doesn’t. Above are all my very honest opinion about waxing and hope it will help lessen your fear – if it was ever in your to-try list.

Share your thoughts about waxing with me. Have you ever and will you ever?

6 thoughts on “Beauty Emporium At Dempsey & My 1st Waxing Experience

  1. i have the same fear! especially to expose yourself to stranger despite them being a lady also. a friend and I have been wanting to try Brazilian too but being cowards, we decided to try underarm waxing first. and it’s been awesome. shall pluck up the courage to try Brazilian next! (i hope) haha

  2. Ahh.. Thanks for this post coz I’ll be going for my virgin Brazilian waxing soon.. And I’m so scared that it’ll be damn painful though I have a rather high tolerance for pain.. I think I’m more at ease now.. Hopefully mine will be as relaxing as yours (; If not, it’ll be my 1st and my last time waxing.. hahas..

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