The Journal

The Rainy Season

Have been raining almost everyday here in Singapore. It’s really cooling and nice to have the rain sometimes but the traffic is hideous. Road conditions are getting real bad these days especially with the rain. I was stucked on the express way for nearly 2 hours the other day.

Anyway, I got a new computer!! Finally. I got a HP All-in-One PC and I am loving it. It looks good and it functions well, I mean, it odd to perform well as it’s brand new, right? Have been wanting to get an All-in-One because it saves lots of space, making my study look neat and tidy (hope it will stay that way). I am also using my new camera, still trying to master all the functions but it’s all good for the time being, I guess.

A little snapshot of what I wore today, a Sprightly Lace Jumpsuit by Love, Bonito paired with a white blazer by Tracyeinny. Tote bag by miu miu and a Tiffany & Co. bracelet. The jumpsuit is slightly long but I can just about get away without altering by wearing a pair of 4″ pumps. Blazers come in handy for weather like Singapore, in and out of the mall and car, sometimes air-conditioned and times under the scorching sun.

Lots of people are falling ill, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest before the celebration and traveling begins. By the way, have you started Chinese New Year shopping yet? There is only 1.5 weeks left!!

Thank you for popping by and happy weekend.

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