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Launch Of The MINI Countryman & Dinner At CM-PB

Received an invitation to the launch of the new MINI Countryman which took place mid last week. The invitation box above was delivered to me and I am well impressed with the design and concept. Two thumbs up MINI. The event was held at Dempsey and it was really helpful to have people located at the junctions leading us in. As you know, Dempsey can be a maze if not careful.

This post is filled with pictures I took with my new camera and there are mainly in “poster” effect, enjoy!!

The new MINI Countryman features a 5 door, family oriented concept. It’s like a blown up version of MINI Cooper, with 2 back doors but much more. It’s spacious and comes with plenty of new features to play with. It’s such a cool car to own, I want the one below – with cow prints!! 

After the event, we went for our late dinner at CM-PB.

Have a wonderful Saturday ahead of you. It’s raining again and I am preparing for dinner =)

4 thoughts on “Launch Of The MINI Countryman & Dinner At CM-PB

  1. Wow this looks like an awesome night! Jealous! My sister was in Atlanta for the Porsche race and had a blast. She told me there was a Mini Countryman driving around with a classic mini on its roof as another promotion. Found these pics which are from NYC. maybe its on tour!

    Thanks for posting the pics. One question though – the “grass” on the invite box made me think they were announcing a hybrid or eco version – looks like that’s not the case but wonder if its in the works?

    • Hi Sara,
      Thank you so much for the link!!
      Awesome way to promote MINI Countryman with a classic on its roof =)
      Wish I can see them somewhere in Singapore but I doubt so due to height restrictions..
      I am totally not sure about MINI going green..
      I guess the concept of the “grass” is to highlight COUNTRYman in any case, same towards the cows and cow prints..

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