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Last Sunday Of January 2011

Hello everyone, how’s Sunday treating you so far? For the past week or so, I have been busy tidying up my apartment, preparing for Chinese New Year. So much spring cleaning to do. Have cleared out some unwanted clothes, threw away some old shoes and cleaned my makeup case. Blog sale coming up soon, most likely after my Chinese New Year trip back home. Most of the makeup are still very new and I will be selling them between the price range of S$10-15 if not less.

Remember I got a new computer? Here it is, the white one is my PC of nearly 5 years and the black one is my new love. And I spent close to 4 hours reinstalling my Sims. Got everything installed and I am ready to roll when I have the time. Can’t wait to build up my community again.

I was also doing some house-keeping on the folders in my computer and I found pictures of me wearing the new Chanel Rouge Allure in Flamboyante 84 from the Les Perles de Chanel Spring 2011 Collection. It’s a very flattering magenta pink. Thought I would share this lovely shade with you all.

There will be 3 more giveaways coming your way. Thank you all for popping by and supporting this blog =) I have changed the deadline for giveaway Part 2 to 20 February 2011, same as Part 1 and all the remaining giveaways. Makes it a lot easier to remember.

Have a wonderful Sunday ahead.

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