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Colours Of Love, Joy & Happiness

Is it March already? Time really flew by doesn’t it? Here is a little recap of what happened last month. Mainly work, play, food, food, food and more food. I put on so much weight last month, am trying to shed some this month before I go on a holiday!! No more food, Joey.

Let’s begin with the Bowling Competition I had with Mak, James and Mandy. Mak and I are no competition to them both but we had an awesome game.

A little about work. Have been busy despatching samples and sending off orders. Website will be undergoing some revamp soon. Will be working closely with the web designer these few months to upgrade the entire system, including inventory settings. No more outdated out-of-stock notices!! Besides all the web works, it’s time of the year to do tax filing and its very taxing. Apart from all these, have been busy doing makeovers for brides, bridesmaids and other fine ladies. Seems like year of the rabbit is a great to get married!! Sending all my blessings to those who have gotten married and are going to get married this year.

Although I may not look like it but to be honest, I am quite a good chef. Have been serving the family with good food recently. And I have been having good meals ever since last month. More posts on that in my upcoming entries, including Chinese New Year posts.

One of the latest treat was to Thai Accent at Vivo City last Sunday. They have one of the nicest Green Curry Chicken I love.

Ok, I lied. Sis bought some Korean Strawberries last week and they have been sitting in the fridge for 2 days – got to eat them before they go bad. You know that little munchies you get in the middle of the night? Correct, that’s it. So, we melted some Hersley’s Dark Chocolate Chip together with some fresh milk in the pot and dipped those juicy strewberries into the warm, dark chocolate sauce. Heaven!!

Time to hit to the gym I suppose, after gaining so much weight!! I can barely fit into the clothes I bought beginning of the year. But having said that, I enjoyed all the food I had.

Have a great day ahead and thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Colours Of Love, Joy & Happiness

  1. Hi Joey! I chanced upon your blog and I love it! That bowling alley looks so familiar – is that Chevron at Jurong? I used to bowl there with colleagues on Friday evenings.

  2. i enjoy having chocolate dipped strawberries/marshmallows too! and dark chocolate is always the best. but whats the significance of putting milk into the chocolate?

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