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The Legend, International Water Homes

After our Chinese New Year gathering in Kuala Lumpur, we drove to Port Dickson and spent a night at The Legend International Water Homes – a resort style escapade which offers unparalledled level of luxury and comfort. We checked into the Deluxe Pool Villa featuring a glass panel for underneath sea viewing and a private plunge pool.

It took us nearly 2.5 hours to drive from Kuala Lumpur to Pork Dickson due to a massive jam. By the time we arrived, we were all starving. Had our lunch at the Duyung Restaurant located at the hotel. They serve a variety of local and international dishes – very delicious, all of us liked the food.

We decided to have some Japanese food for dinner at the Gen Japanese Restaurant.

More pictures of little niece during dinner and before we head back to Singapore the next morning. She is too adorable to miss.

The Legend International Water Homes are perfect for families with children and it’s within driving range either from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. I had a relaxing and pleasent night nursing my fever. The layout of all the villas are pretty impressive, you kind of have your own space. But having said so, I don’t think this place is romantic enough for a couple’s getaway – surely not my cup of tea.

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