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L’Erbolario – The Best Of Natural Beauty

The brand, L’Erbolario is something new to me although it has been around Singapore for the past 7 years or so. L’Erbolaria is Italian and many thanks to Italian Natural Cosmetics for making it available here. Previously located at the Stamford House, they have now shifted to Pickering Street and this is how I found out about them.

L’Erbolario has more than 500 products and ranges from haircare, skincare and bodycare to what you need for your home. View their impressive catalog here >

Met my sister for lunch today and she brought me to L’Erbolario. Some lunch time shopping ey? I was greeted by a friendly lady and tall shelves of lovely scented products. She recommended lots of products to us and I bought (from L-R) a Green Tea Candle – S$22, a Bois de Panama Exfoliant – S$47, Iris Oil Diffuser – S$67 and a Nourishing Pollen & Honey Face Mask – S$44.

I am loving the Iris Oil Diffuser, it gives off a very natural scent, kind of powery – not overpowering at all. I placed it in my bedroom, on my TV console. Yet to try rest of the products but have you heard of this brand before?

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “L’Erbolario – The Best Of Natural Beauty

  1. hey there! yes i am using L’erbolario products…fantastic isn’t it… their scents…..i’m still on their caprifoglio (honeysuckle) hand and body lotion….

    using one of their shower gels but unfortunately was told they will discontinue it soon due to new product lines…..*sigh*

    enjoy their products ok……catherine (the sales lady) is really nice and helpful…

  2. Bois de panama is a bark that has a natural purifying action. the micrograins was derived from hydrogenated jojoba wax which would not irritate your skin and causing pores enlargement. leave it on for a few minutes prior washing off. L’ERBOLARIO has all specific skincare needs that anyone requires you just have to discover it.

    mind me asking what’s your skin condition? oily/combination, dehydrated/sensitive and/or delicate/dry? once, identified I would be able to recommend you which product should you use and you will never look back to what you would discover like many of us.

    L’ERBOLARIO the market leader in Italy for the production and sale of naturally base ingredients of all bio-organic gathered from four corners of the world. Made in Italy since 1978. try any bath foam/bath milk and leave it on for a few minutes prior washing off. e.g tre artemisia (absinthium) olio di lavante (washing body oil). take note: it doesn’t foam much and the foam derives from sodium family which doesn’t dry out your skin and naturally purify. I’m sure Pei Ying would be able to share her testimonials.

    the only brand in Asia that has 50 boutiques in one country Taiwan. (let it do justice) 😀 HongKong is increasing from 6 to 8 at current.

    any dramas drop me a message I’ll guide you through the process of achieving youthful looking skin with no chemical based treatments. I suggest not to mix and match with other brands for you to witness the true beauty of L’ERBOLARIO on your skin.

    Italy alone has 4800 boutiques not to mention across Europe and Asia. L’ERBOLARIO never do huge marketing campaigns like the chemical-mineral brands (you name it). Francesco is a very humble man (president of L’ERBOLARIO) owner and founder.

  3. i had their rose EDT as a gift, and i know they’ve moved since Stamford House, great to know they have moved nearer to my residence 🙂 cheers!

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