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Kate Winslet For Lancôme L’Absolu Nu

“I do think that lipstick is the best friend of absolute femininity and I also think there’s something happening right now in the cosmetic industry, which is that we’re seeing the big comeback of a great lipstick. L’Absolu Nu is a soft, delicious stain. It’s very, very sexy and very, very subtle.”

Kate Winslet

Is it me or does Kate Winslet looks absolutely gorgeous and sexy in this commercial?

4 thoughts on “Kate Winslet For Lancôme L’Absolu Nu

  1. Why would someone laid almost naked on the floor & make phone call? Well, at least we all know that sheer lipstick is big in 2011, Coco Shine, Dior addict, and now L’Absolu Nu.

  2. I saw that lipstick in an ad in Marie Claire today. I’m so tempted to purchase it – finally, Lancome gets their advertisement right (was not a fan of that ad with Julia Roberts).

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