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NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils

The convenience of a pencil with the application of a lipstick in a jumbo-size crayon design. Instantly coats lips with rich pigment, imparting a velvet matte finish for seamless color. The long-lasting yet non-drying formula is enriched with special emollients for a creamy texture, while a combination of unique silicones ensures long-lasting, velvety color for hours.


Many have requested a review of the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils and here it is. Today, I will be sharing my thoughts about the formula and 4 of the colours I currently own, including some lip swatches for you.

I was first introduced to the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils when I visited Taiwan last year. Since then I bought two more during my other travels because I like them. I like how convenient they are, from applying to touching up and to storing them. The colours are rich and very pigmented too. Most importantly, they last on the lips for a long time – depending on application and the shades of course.


The formula: Overall, the formula is creamy and the texture is buttery – smooth enough to glide onto the lips effortlessly. It is not sticky and it doesn’t feel too heavy on the lips. But if you have dry, chapped lips, avoid using them because it only makes them more obvious. The formula sits into the lips, showing the lines quite clearly – which may not be to your favour. I suggest wearing a lip balm under these pencils to ensure a more polished and smooth finish. Despite the formula being slightly drying, I love the lasting power of them. I hardly have to touch up, I can drink and eat all day without any worries.

The packaging: These pencils come in the signature NARS rubber caps which goes on rather tightly but you got to be careful, you don’t want it destroying your makeup bag. However, it is a pencil which needs to be sharpen regularly. It’s slim and light, very handy for all occasions. It would have been perfect if it comes with a proper closure which clicks, keeps the worries of cap getting loose away. And if it’s one of those crayons which doesn’t require any sharpening, those which turns up like an eyeliner.


There are 16 shades available on NARS website and here, I have Bettina, Sex Machine, Dolce Vita and Red Square for you. All pictures below taken indoor with flash, wearing the same makeup – check out Look In Printed Pinks & Precious Posy if you are interested.

Size and thickness of these pencils are perfect for application. I don’t have to reach out to my lip brushes at all. However, like most lip products, the application and lasting power differs from shade to shade. Generally, these lip pencils have no problems staying on my lips for more than 6 hours. I eat and drink as per normal – and I talk a lot throughout the day. In order to make them last longer, I apply a light coat of colour onto the lips, blot with tissue and apply another layer on top. Wear a lip balm underneath if you wish, this will minimise the appearance of lines and help moisturize your lips. To avoid harsh lines around the lips, use your fingers to blend the edges – this is especially helpful when it comes to darker, bolder colours.

These pencils are great as a base. You can apply a thin layer of the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and top up with your favourite lipstick.

Bettina is a natural beige with a wisp of pink which is a perfect partner for smoky eyes. This shade gives just the right amount of colour to the lips, not overpowering the eyes and it isn’t too pale for most skin tones. It has a more metallic/frost finish as compared to the rest (Sex Machine, Dolce Vita and Red Square) which may enhance the lines on your lips but if it doesn’t bothers you, this is an excellent colour to have in your stash.

Sex Machine is a pink mauve colour which adds a subtle pop of natural hue to any looks. It’s girly and feminine – perfect for a date if you ask me. It has a creamier finish which makes it easier to wear on dryer lips. However, this shade is nothing unique, good to have but not a must have I would say.

Dolce Vita is a dusty rose colour which instantly warms up the skin tone. I think it looks awesome when paired with natural brown eye makeup. This shade makes me feel more like a woman – very sophisticated and graceful. Great for dinners if you don’t want anything too dramatic but still want some attention.

Red Square is a bright orange-red which brightens up the complexion. I find orange-red lip colours suits my skin tone best rather than reds with a blue undertone. I love this colour and would absolutely recommend it to you, if you are looking for something hot, bold, sexy and classy. And it is perfect for switching a look from day to night.

See the difference lip colours do to a simple look? This is one of the reasons why I never stop buying lip products because they are the one thing, probably the easiest thing you can do to change a look.

I know NARS is not available in Singapore but you can get them from various online stores. And this is why I am doing a post on them. Hopefully this little write-up is helpful enough for you to determine the colours and textures of the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. Let me know if you would like to see some comparison of the colours featured above, I will try my best to see if I have similar colours in my collection.

Thank you for reading.

36 thoughts on “NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils

  1. You look amazing with all the colours, so jealous! Wish bold lips looked good on me too. I totally understand the fustration with NARS, the only NARS outlet in my city is closed due to renovations at the shopping mall. So can’t get anything unless it’s online! Thanks for swatching and keep up the posting!

  2. Red Square is gorgeous!!
    Have you tried wearing it for a day look? Do you think bright colors like this would be a little OTT for daytime?

    • Yes!!
      Red Square is stunning..
      And yes, I have used it on different occasions during the day..
      Check out my post during my holiday in Australia here >

      I don’t think bright, bold lips are over the top for day time at all if you pair it with a natural face (eyes and cheeks).
      Since it is in trend now, try it!!
      You will love the attention, trust me =)

      Ps You may want to try a red or bright orange gloss instead to boost up your confidence..
      Check out my post on 4 Ways To Wear Bright Lips This Summer!!
      Hope it helps =)

  3. The sex machine and dolce vita look very nice.
    thanks for posting.
    I recently tried putting on lipstick and people in my office started noticing i looked less pale.
    its great to find out there are other alternatives to lipstick.

    • Hi Paui,
      Thank you for commenting!!
      Great to know you are enjoying lipsticks..
      They are lovely, aren’t they?
      I love lipsticks as they provide subtle changes to ones’ look..
      What lipsticks are you currently liking?

  4. Joey, you should form a lippy-phile club! I totally agree with you – Lipstick is the easiest/ most economical way to transform ones style. And most lipsticks last up to 18 months.

  5. i like Sex Machine and Red Square! Am adding them onto my wishlist~ am a big lippie person too 😀 May i know whether these pencils are jumbo sized or can i sharpen them with a normal sharpener?

  6. Hi Joey, Sex Machine and Dolce Vita looks great!! 🙂 but I think I’m gonna give them a pass since I don’t like matte lip colours 🙂 have you tried NARS Velvet Gloss sticks yet? i have 3 of those, the finish is glossier and less drying… hope u enjoy your HK trip and did u manage to find the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine trio pack at Changi Airport? 🙂

  7. I’ve never tried these but after I saw your pics come up on google search wearing them I ran out to buy Dolce Vita (MLBB in my medium fair yellowish skin-i usually only wear Ruby Woo from Mac) and it looks awesome! I’m hooked! I want to try sex Machine and Dragon GIrl next! 😀 gotta save up! haha

    • Hihi,
      In terms of colour, Lady Danger is sharper and more crisp, a tad brighter then Red Square..
      Texture wise, both are extremely creamy..
      Red Square has some sort of sheen where as Lady Danger has a completely matte finish..
      Both are very opaque and lovely =)

  8. Hi Joey! I love your makeup reviews and I recently got the NARS Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita after seeing this post. I tried sharpening it after a month’s use and my sharpeners totally ate the pencil. Got the same result with 2 different sharpeners. It was heartbreaking to see the lead break off in chunks. Do you have any recommendations for a lipstick in a similar colour with a matte/semi-matte finish? Thank you so much! 🙂

    • Hi Ellie,
      Thank you so much for popping by and commenting =)
      Oh dear, why did it happen?
      I have been sharpening mine but it didn’t break..
      Hmm.. I don’t have an exact match but;-
      1. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in 34 La Raffinée has more pink
      2. MAC Matte Mehr (I think it’s LE) is brighter and has a touch more lilac
      3. MAC Satin Brave is more nude and lighter
      If I come across something more similar, I will give you a shout =)

  9. Thank you so much for your recommendations! I’ll go and check them out. 🙂 I am not sure how or why it happened, but I do find the pencil a little challenging to sharpen. Perhaps I will bring it down to the NARS counter when it opens in Oct and get some tips from them. I am a little scared to touch the pencil now. 😦

    • Hi Ellie,
      No problem at all..
      I was thinking, maybe you can try putting your NARS pencil into the fridge for about 30 mins for the lead to harden – try sharpening it after =)
      It may be due to the heat..
      Dolce Vita is slightly creamier as compared to other Velvet Matte Lip Pencils from their range..
      I hope this will help!!

  10. Joey, do you find these lip pencils fade away quickly? I think my Dolce Vita becomes a funny, dull shade after an hour.

  11. Hi Joey,

    I love your review of the NARS lip pencils! Do you think Dolce Vita would look good on someone with a cooler skin tone? X

  12. I love the Nars lip pencils and after seeing your review I picked up Dolce Vita. I love it! Your swatches are wonderful.

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