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Introducing Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection For Spring 2011

If the world’s first woman were to be born today in the primeval garden, she would no doubt have a different vision of paradise. Nature would be tamed, its energy restrained, creating an ambience in which she would more likely cut down the Tree of Knowledge than water it. But springtime always manages to awaken desires and dispel gloomy ideas. The impulse to seek gratification is driven by a sixth sense, making us eager for any and all sorts of sensations. A breath of pure air to be discovered or devised.

The Must-Have, Blush Gelée, is a rich elixir of youth, illuminating a self-assured candour with fresh energy. NAÏVEMENT COUTURE (“naively couture”) is an autosuggestion of happiness. Skin bared to the sunlight, we purge our sensations and embrace our innocence in order to accept our feelings. The exhilarating purity of light, a gentle warmth, tenuous and sensual, that transports us to an apogee of emotion, to be reborn with a uniquely personal authenticity. A rebirth that makes sense of the sensorial and focuses on the essential.


To let ourselves succumb to a playful nature that knows where to tickle to raise a smile, like giving ourselves over to the hands of the designer for that first couture gown, this collection suggests a beauty that is lived and experienced. Allowing the hand to wield its innate intelligence, to play with lovely colours and fresh textures, is an invitation to enjoy the precious, cunning gift of self-indulgence.

A natural, soothing sensuality for a springtime filled with joy.


Nicolas Degennes wanted to create a playful must-have product, that would offer a new beauty sensation on skin. An oh-so fresh and soft jelly texture that easily melts on cheeks for a natural and buildable result. A unique integrated soft foam applicator, with a very soft end, that slightly touches the skin to leave the ideal touch of emotion on cheeks. A skin-like buildable result : a very natural fresh rosy glow on cheeks, for a healthy “pinched cheeks” look.

Nicolas Degennes created a vivid acid orange, in line with the vital energy of the collection, to warm up the face with a fruity touch of joy. The lipstick that makes the lips so irresistible that they should be forbidden. This isn’t just any lipstick – it’s also a fashion accessory, an object of desire that is simply elegant and absolutely feminine. The color is vibrant and radiant. Lips are supple and satiny with well-defined contours. A more feminine tube case than ever before. Its ribbon and lacquered black tube case make it a real fashion accessory.
Nude tones were selected to sublimate the inner beauty of lips with essential shine. A lipstick filled with dazzling sparkles, rich in vibrant reflections and precious glimmers. A goldsmith’s formula: two types of pearlescent particles for unrivaled shine and maximum light reflection to ensure a stunning result. Crystal shine in a texture that pairs comfort and shimmering colors.

Brown and orange tones for essential eyes, awakened by a touch of fresh spring green. Thanks to the powder atomizing technique, the particles are smaller and more even for a smooth, uniform finish and colors that stay vibrant all day long.

A vivid orange shade, to go with the Rouge Interdit of the collection. With its sensual, coating texture, this gloss is the new “forbidden” accessory for shiny, plumped lips. Its high-performance formula combines intense, vibrant colors with an ultra-glossy finish. Lips are instantly smoothed. The texture is comfortable and non-sticky. With its slim and contemporary shape, transparent edges and precious silver band, Gloss Interdit becomes a real object of desire and seduction. Its brush ensures precise and easy application.
Nicolas Degennes wanted a very soft and luminous shade to colour nails with a natural touch of  milky pink. Intense colors, an even and long-lasting layer and a conditioning formula that revitalizes and strengthens the nails to satisfy your every whim! Change your color to match what you’re wearing or how you’re feeling. Start collecting!


Nicolas Degennes has created one new catalogue shade of Magic Khôl, a frozen brown, that is perfectly in line with the natural simplicity of this new Spring collection. A wave of this magic wand along the upper or lower lash line transforms your look as if by magic. The firm and creamy texture allows you to obtain a makeup result that combines faultless lasting hold and intense color.


Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection For Spring 2011 will be released in Singapore by end of March or beginning of April. I do not have an exact date of the launch but I will surely update once I have the details. Information above are extracted from Givenchy’s website.

Anything from this collection caught your attention?


6 thoughts on “Introducing Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection For Spring 2011

  1. I am definitely eyeing the quad!!! Already asked the usual Ba to reserve for me!! Crazy huh?!?! Hehe!!!How abt u? What are you aiming???

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