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It’s the beginning of a new month today and it’s April Fool’s Day. Did you get fooled about? I did a little search at Wikipedia and for those who wants to know the meaning and origin of this day, click here >

Have you been going to the cinemas lately? Seems like there are lots of good film coming our way. Here are some of the movies I have watched last month or so which I like. Latest is I Am Number Four, based on a science fiction novel by Pittacus Lore. This movie is definitely better than what I thought. But I reckon it’s going to be one of those with part 2 and so on. In this movie, John’s girlfriend, Sarah irritated me for being so stupid. I guess there is always a stupid girl in all super hero movies, ain’t there?

Watched Just Go With It on 15 Feb, it’s a nice movie for such occasion. Another hilarious and fun-to-watch movie by Adam Sandler. I love how this guy makes jokes so naturally. There were touching moments too and it was a pleasant surprise to see Nicole Kidman in this movie. I wasn’t expecting it at all. But, let’s be fair, didn’t Jennifer outshine Nicole? I say, totally.

Shaolin starring Andy Lau was fantastic.

What movies have you watched and love? I am waiting for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Fast Five to debut.

Apart from all the movies I like, April is also a very exciting month. It’s my birthday this month and nothing makes it even more special than celebrating my birthday with my little niece – we share the same birth date. Sis is throwing a mini party for us the weekend before our birthday because neither of us will be in Singapore on the actual day.

Speaking of which, another thing I am really excited to share is – I have 3 confirmed trips ahead and one of them is to Hong Kong middle of this month. I can’t wait, I will eat and shop till I drop!! Hong Kong is probably one of my favourite spots to visit, I love the shops and food there plus there isn’t any language barrier. And I have been rather spontaneous in visiting this country, have done so at least once a year for the past couple of years now. An island getaway in June and a long holiday with friends in August.

Happy April everyone =)

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