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We Painted The Town RED

Jessie, Nicole and I painted the town RED one fine Saturday afternoon.

The day started at about 12:30pm when I picked Jessie up from work. We headed straight to town and I parked at ION Orchard. We went for some Ayam Penyet at Lucky Plaza – my favourite, while waiting for Nicole. After lunch, we headed to Paragon for some shopping. Each of us bought a dress from Guess and we headed to Takashimaya and finished off at ION Orchard.

I didn’t buy any makeup at all. I ended up with the 3 items – only three. A pair of miu miu shades, a Guess dress for my birthday and a trench coat from Warehouse for my upcoming trips =) Saw a beautiful and gorgeous black leather jacket but it was way to expensive. Taking into consideration, we don’t have winter in Singapore, I gave it a miss. But it’s still in my heart, might check it out during sales!!

Nicole was given the title “Miss Shopaholic Of The Day” as she spent the most between us.

There is nothing better than spending time with these ladies. Have know them for such a long time, many many years of friendship and counting. I had so much fun and laughter throughout the entire day. Couldn’t have spent a better Saturday afternoon than this.

Love y’all!!

16 thoughts on “We Painted The Town RED

  1. Joey, that’s a very pretty Guess dress! I was attracted by it (was worn by the mannequin) when I past by Guess the other day but didn’t have the chance to check it out 🙂

  2. Joey, I couldn’t agree more about spending girlie time with like-minded girlfriends. I used to have very close gf but her work and new love have taken precedence over us. it was very sad for me. I still remember watching “Confession of a Shopaholic” with her, having heart-to-heart talk after movie – that was the LAST time we had alone time. I’ve since moved on and focus on my family & me-time with things I like 🙂

    • I realised as we grow “older”, we have less friends?
      Each of us are busy with our own things – work, family, love, kids etc. so much so that we have neglected our friends, or too tired to meet?
      But seriously, those are all excuses..
      I believe is striking a balance in life, can be difficult but can be done =)

  3. Love both the dress and the coat! How much did the coat cost? It doesn’t look terribly heavy, so it should be good for the warmer ends of spring and autumn!

    • Thank you Rachel..
      If I am not wrong, the coat cost approximately S$150 but there is a discount with American Express =)
      They still have it at ION, go check it out!!
      Yes, it’s actually quite light, perfect for the seasons you mentioned and it fit the bill, most of my trips this year is either Spring or Autumn..

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