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I Heart Nine West Shoes

I love any footwear that can give me a few extra inches. For those who are 165cm and above, you won’t understand.

Apart from ALDO, Nine West is my new love. Price range of Nine West is a little higher than ALDO’s but a lot more comfortable I must say. The material is softer and it wears a lot better. Recently bought 2 pairs of shoes, one is Declan – a brown leather 4″ sandal. The leather is very soft, I wore it for a good number of hours the other day, no bites!!

The other is a pair of Studded Booties which was on sale. A whopping 50% off and I paid S$102 for it – a great steal or what? I love it, it fits well plus I don’t have any booties at all. I can imagine wearing it with leggings or tights.

Have you been shoe shopping lately?

4 thoughts on “I Heart Nine West Shoes

  1. I am one of those who ‘don’t understand’, but the studded heels are hot, and I am sure you will rock them~ 🙂
    I have a sudden urge to wear high chunky heels after seeing Prada’s latest collection, but #1 definitely cannot find any that fits me #2 I really don’t wish to tower over people #3 what if the heels hurt

    • Lol Sophia..
      Sure you won’t understand, you have a great height!!
      Chunky heels are ok, but then again, most heels hurt..
      Wish there is a trial period for heels, ey?!

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