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Sephora Nail Lacquer

Stumbled upon the new Sephora Nail Lacquers while shopping with Jessie last week. We were literally stucked to the rack. The colours are beautiful and the range is massive. Best of all, each only costs S$9 but do note that they contain only 5ml of product. Is it worth it or not? Well, it depends on how you look at it. How many bottles of nail polishes do we finish? I don’t think I have ever went through a bottle myself.

We were impressed with both the texture and colour payoff of these polishes. Some are beautiful one-coaters, no joke. The applicator remains me of the Dior ones – flat U-shape brush. Very easy to apply and doesn’t streak at all – at least not with the colours I got.

I think they are worth a look at especially if you are looking for colours you want to try but ain’t sure about. For example, bright coral or yellow for Summer? Why not grab a bottle and by the time summer ends, move on to other shades. Don’t have to worry about the polishes getting dried up or spending too much on seasonal colours.

Happy weekend everyone!!

6 thoughts on “Sephora Nail Lacquer

  1. failed attempts on fingers. love the green on my feet still though! gold was gorgeous! pink.. didn’t suit me (i’m not sweet, so sad). probably gonna give the white another try this week…

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