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Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconic/Ironic Collection For Spring 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge recently released their Iconic/Ironic Collection for Spring 2011. This collection consists of four new shades, Recherche, Decorous, Insouciant and Iconoclast. Have a read below to see what inspired Ji this season.

Sure, there are women who adopt rigid “personal styles,” who season after season reach for their own uniform, fashion trends be damned. I am SO not one of those women. And I have a feeling, neither are you.

One day I may prowl the hallways of Rescue Beauty Lounge in towering 5″ S & M platforms, tights, short shorts and a cozy grandfather cardigan that hits mid-thigh. The next day, I’m in Virgin Suicide mode, in a vintage floral, but with my tough-girl kickass boots to offset the sweetness. I may be inspired by last night’s movie or my latest read, but I always give my outfits an unexpected twist to make it uniquely mine.

So apparently, we women of the kooky wardrobes inspired the Spring/Summer 11 collections.

Extracted from Ji’s newsletter

I picked up all 4 of them. 


Decorous is a perfectly lady-like light cocoa, a hardly boring neutral to offset bright tropical hues or to add a chic finish to an all-black ensemble.

Recherché is a purplish dark brown prune, an exotic accent that grounds oversize prints better than an expected summer pink or coral.

Insouciant is the toned-down gray lilac of a pressed corsage. Punked out rather than pastel. Wear it with Bardot-worthy uber-feminine dresses, muddied neutrals or nonchalant leather-clad rocker ensembles.

Iconoclast is a richly pigmented ebony with layers of fine glitter, giving it depth and a metallic, mica-like finish.

*All colour description extracted from Ji’s newsletter

I am loving all the colours. They are all unique shades to my existing collection and the texture is amazing – like all their other polishes I have. Very smooth and easy to apply. If you are up for something out-of-the-box, you got to check out this collection, it’s beyond gorgeous. These are some of the colours I kept admiring because they look different in every angle – absolutely breathtaking.

 Thank you for reading and hope the swatches help.

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