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Accessories, Bags & Fragrances I Sought After

Part of my wishlish this year includes getting myself a Balenciaga bag. I would love to have either a shoulder bag or one of their giant envelope clutches. It could be in any colour or material but a red or navy one would be great additions to my existing lot. I don’t mind a white one too but it’s really difficult to maintain.

Hermes leather bracelets are one of those items I have been much sought after but couldn’t get hold off. Their lacquered bracelets fasinates me too.

After getting Les Exclusifs de Chanel in Beige, I know I will be back for more. I am liking Sycomore.

Every time I walk into Jo Malone, the intricate smell captivates me. I am looking forward to their new tea fragrance blends which should be in Singapore by June.

6 thoughts on “Accessories, Bags & Fragrances I Sought After

  1. Joey, may be I should do a bag porn of my Balenciaga clutch for you? I got mine in purple, at least 2 years ago,but still looks great, timeless piece, definitely worth investing in. I am thinking of getting the big “city” bag this summer.

    Hermes lacquered bracelet is again a classical piece, so chic; I had mine in middle eastern print, purely exotic.

    Sycomore is woody & one of a kind, really decadent. You can get it in Sydney, make sure you claim the tax refund before you check it ( about 10% and it’s to huge to be put in your check in luggage; I am not sure whether HK airport stock it, but there’s a Chanel boutique in the airport )

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