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Anna Sui Beach Collection For Summer 2011

I can’t remember the last time I bought something from Anna Sui. If I am not wrong, it could be their Mascara Base. I love Anna Sui’s concept, products and their packaging, I think they are lovely. But having said that, I think they are too bulky for my liking. I am probably one of them who buy things based on its packaging first? I know that’s bad and unfair but.. Well, I like makeup products in sleek and polished packaging because they are easy to store but I guess having several Anna Sui’s signature loose powder cases and accessories to decorate the dressing table won’t do any harm, ey?

But let me find a proper dressing table first.

After reading and seeing swatches of Anna Sui Beach Collection on Rouge Deluxe and Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle, I am in love with their Double Eye Color. It’s one of their new products and best of all, they are permanent items in their collection. You can take your time and find a duo that best suits your needs. The Double Eye Color comes in 7 variations and each retails at S$39.

I picked up 2 of them in #01 and #05.

The shadows are filled in the caps of each applicator and it’s screwed onto the body tightly. The sponge applicators are soft and deposits just the right amount of colour each time. The packaging is slim and lightweight – just how I love them to be.

I couldn’t quite decide on which colours to get because all of them are very pretty. The colour combinations some of them are quite unique, rare and daring, bright and fun. They are incredibly smooth and have a decent colour payoff too. One side of the duo consists of a more shimmery shade and the other side consists of a more velvety shade. Beautiful textures to play around with and you can always mix and match these colours with your existing collection.

Swatches taken indoors with flash. #01 consists of a shimmery mauve taupe and sapphire blue. #05 consists of a shimmery moss-green and mustard.

I will try to create some looks with these new shadows and test out their quality soon. For your information, they are Made in Japan and were manufactured in December 2010.

Thank you for reading.

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