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OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean Collection

Think Pirates Of The Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow and all those undead creatures in the movie, I would have expected a deeper, more mysterious colour scheme for any collections that uses its name. Pirates Of The Caribbean.. dark taupe, rosewood, rich black, charcoal, cadet, rose ebony, bistre and arsenic are the colours I can think off which relates but obviously OPI saw the brighter side of the story.

This Spring, OPI released a series of nail lacquer named Pirates Of The Caribbean. This collection consists of 6 coloured nail polishes namely Skull & Glossbones, Steady As She Rose, Sparrow Me The Drama, Planks A Lot, Stranger Tides, Mermaid’s Tears and a bottle of Silver Shutter.

I skipped both the pinks and picked up the rest.

 Swatches below taken indoor with flash for your reference. All without base nor top coat. 2 coats of nail polish per shade.

 Silver Shutter on Planks A Lot.

Silver Shutter on Mermaid’s Tears.

The consistency of Silver Shutter is slightly more watery than the Black Shutter and it dries with a satin finish whereas the Black Shutter dries matte. To me, the Silver Shutter is more user-friendly and much easier to work with as it doesn’t dry almost immediately. It takes a little longer to dry as compared to the Black Shutter.

Did you pick up anything from this collection?

Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean Collection

  1. Hi Joey, you’ve got me seriously CRAVING (big time) for these nailpolishes now. I wasn’t interested in them before but now… I want them all!!!!!

  2. Both your shatter applications turned out wonderful! And I liked how you justified the colour range of this collection – OPI saw the brighter side of the story 😛

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