Joey’space Loves You Giveaway Part 5 [CLOSED]

A huge thank you to those who have participated in the previous giveaways and congratulations to those who have won. I would also like to thank you for supporting this little blog by visiting regularly and commenting. Have never felt any happier than interacting with those we shares the same interests and passion in beauty, travels and all gorgeous things out there.

Sadly, we have come to the end of Joey’space Loves You Giveaway but I have kept the best for the last!!

Why? Because it doubles up at my birthday giveaway – a little treat to all of you. This giveaway features a Chanel Precision Eyelash Curler worth S$33 and an Sublime de Chanel Mascara worth S$49 and many more.

Find out how to take part in this giveaway below by answering 3 simple questions.


There will be one (1) winner for this giveaway and the winner will receive brand new pieces of the following products;- 

  • Chanel Precision Eyelash Curler
  • Chanel Sublime de Chanel
  • Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life
  • Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Wash – 60ml
  • Chanel Gift Set
  • Sundries Colours Stereo Headphone


  • Subscribe to this blog by entering your email address into the subscription box on your right (just above calendar). Or if you are a WordPress user, simply log into your account and click on the subscribe button on top of this page.
  • Double your chances of winning by following me on Twitter here > 
  • Triple your chances of winning by linking back to this giveaway post if you have a blog.
  • Leave a comment at the bottom of this post with answers to the following questions;- (1) What would you like to see more on this blog? (2) Any particular requests i.e. looks, swatches, comparisons or posts? (3) What are your top tips and tricks for applying mascara?

Format as follows:

Twitter Nick:
Blog Link:




  • All entries must be submitted by 24 April 2011, Sunday at 11:59pm UTC/GMT +8 hours.
  • Maximum of one entry per person.
  • This giveaway is open to all readers and I will ship anywhere.
  • One (1) winner will be chosen via from all of the entries received by the deadline on 24 April 2011.
  • The winner will be announced here within 48 hours of the deadline.
  • Winner will be contacted through email; make sure your email address is correct, this is the only way I can contact you if you won.
  • If the winner cannot be contacted or does not respond within three (3) days, an alternate winner will be selected again.

Celebrate all the goodness at Joey’space with a series of 5 giveaways coming your way. Good luck and thank you for reading this blog.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, requests and know your top tips and tricks for applying mascara!!

Ps I am away at the moment. I will most likely have no access to a computer and internet thus I will not be checking and approving comments. Please don’t panic if your comments don’t appear immediately, I will approve them once I return.

Good luck and thank you for participating!!

36 thoughts on “Joey’space Loves You Giveaway Part 5 [CLOSED]

  1. Twitter Nick: MissBlissyful


    (1) I really love your sense of style! It’s so unique and basically nice to look at. 🙂 I wish you could do more OOTDs.

    (2) I would love to see you don a Rocker Chic look.. Or other darker looks for the eye.

    (3) My top tricks for applying mascara would be to first curl the eyelashes of course. Then I would first place the mascara wand closest to the lash line and wiggle my way up. The key would be to layer. And I also lightly press the mascara wand on top of the eye lashes and wiggle up the curve. But it is crucial to ensure not to press it down too much as it would weigh down the lashes and make it less curled. 🙂

  2. Twitter: AnneDufour

    Here are my answers:
    1) I’d love to see more nail polish articles
    2) Maybe swatches of the new Dior lipstick (Kate Moss is the face of it)
    3)Well…I only apply mascara at the corner of my eyes, it gives a cat-eye feel
    Thank you,

  3. Hello, Joey. You begin by thanking us for loyally reading and following, but it is we who feel the need to thank you. You share your life with us, something many people feel uncomfortable doing. And you host these wonderful giveaways, something you absolutely do not need to strain effort in, but you do, all the while actively providing collection information about several cosmetics brands and sales, so much good information in the form of reviews and collective hauls is extremely helpful to someone like myself who needs to think very carefully before purchasing a makeup item. So, thank YOU! ^_^

    Twitter Nick: Koyangikuk
    Blog Link:
    (I have just recently purchased Bobbi Brown’s “Copper Diamond” Shimmer Brick, as well as Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #20 “Spicy Pink.” I will most certainly be doing reviews once they arrive, as they are a couple high-end brand items I have never been able to purchase before now. Verrrry excited for those!!)


    (1) What I would personally like to see more on this blog is perhaps more fashion of your particular taste. I love, love the updates on all the new makeup collections, but I’m also interested in what clothing items you yourself look out for. The bags you posted were wonderful. I love to keep a look-out for Bamboo United and Balenciaga and Wai Ching and Fei Wang, etc!

    (2) Specifically, I would also love more swatches of products. How they look packaged has a 50/50 chance of actually being what it looks like on skin. And secondly, I would be very interested if there are any “drug-store” brand cosmetics you have purchased, and if you liked or did not like them.

    (3) I have coarse, rather short Asian lashes that point down. Sigh. Very hard to keep a curl (recommend a heated curler). My eye shape also isn’t as deep-set as most American eyes are, but I live in the states, so it’s very hard to find a good lash curler. I settled on a mini lash curler from e.l.f that works well for me as I crimp lashes and work myself out towards the ends of my lashes. I also like Korres Abyssinia Oil mascara, which just enhances my lashes, not making them overly fake or inappropriate for the day. I don’t wear much mascara, but from my experience it does not flake and keeps lashes feeling supple, rather than stiff and brittle.

    And LASTLY! I suggest Myrabelle’s Mascara Shield! It’s a kind of wand you can hold, and the little hammer-head shark shaped piece of plastic at the end is to protect your eye lids from mascara scrapes. You can purchase it for sure at You can also cut a little half circle out of an old credit card or business card and use that to follow the curve of your eye for a cheap mascara shield alternative.

  4. Twitter Nick: nnadirah
    Blog Link:


    (1) beauty picks of the month and definitely hauls!
    (2) spring/summer looks!
    (3) curling the lashes first before applying mascara

    thanks for having a giveaway x

  5. Twitter Nick: @xbegold
    Blog Link:


    (1) I’d love to see more reviews!! It will definitely help a whole lot of us too. With more honest and personal thoughts on it too. I would also love to see your outfit for the day/month!! 😀
    (2) Do you have an exercise regime? Do you follow any strict diet? Do share!!! 🙂
    (3) Given a normal mascara, to make have it up to its maxiumum potential, I would curl my lashes first. Eyelash primer second, apply mascara. After a minute or two, curl the lashes again! Taaaaadaaa! 🙂

    Stay gorgeous Joey! ❤

  6. Twitter Nick: banananutcrunch
    Blog Link: –


    (1) More skincare & makeup hauls/ reviews & lifestyle posts
    (2) Pls do a tutorial on face contouring, reviews on your favourite fragrances, “what’s in my bag” blogspot
    (3) Place a namecard under your lashes when applying mascara to prevent it from smudging onto your undereye area.

    Have fun shopping & eating in HK!:)

  7. Hey Joey!

    I’d like to see more of you! Maybe, you could showcase what’s in your handbag or what you’re wearing today? I’d love to see more comparison posts as well, cause I’m sure it’s very helpful for us readers to make our choices before going out on a shopping rampage.

    When applying mascara, make sure it’s not clumpy cause spider legs as eyelashes’ not a good look for anyone.

  8. Twitter Nick: melodymyzhang
    Blog Link: none


    (1) I would love to see more swatches on different skin tones and a more concrete “grading system” for reviews.
    (2) I would love if you could do a review for the new non-liquid Chanel concealers.
    (3) I have typical short and sparse eyelashes so I find that mascaras that are designed for lengthening tend to work better for me, in terms of length and volume! I like to tug my eyelid back as if I was about to apply eyeliner, and slide my brush through as many lashes as possible all at once. When I slide my brush through, I like to do it in a bit of a back and forth motion, so I can get enough product on my lashes.

    I hope I win! Love you blog and reviews!

  9. twitter:!/puchilovesf


    1. First of all i want to say that your blog is one of my favourite! Really love your product taste and natural makeup style which is close to mine.That’s why i love your product review posts which i always want to see in your blog as you do…Besides if you can do more skincare that would be great, your skin is flawless!

    2.Your swatches are great but if you can show them on your own lips or cheeks or whatever,that would be better.

    3.I don’t like mascaras that only gives lenght.They don’t work for me…I like big brush mascaras which gives volume and lenght at the same time.I curl my lashes and then i apply one coat, then waiting a little bit for the second coat.I think that waiting time effects second coat more.After appling it i brush them with a clean mascara brush.This makes them separate and look very natural.

    I hope they’r enough..Thanks for giveaway!

  10. Twitter Nick: Musicplayson
    Blog Link:


    (1) I’ll like to see more Skin Care reviews and features.
    (2) Do tag posts like Skin Care Routine with pics? Or posts that can know you a little more? Just saying! 🙂
    (3) My tip for lashes to stay curled is to use a waterproof mascara, only waterproof ones make mine stay. For volume, wriggle the wand at the roots for some time then swipe up to the ends in one go. If I want full lashes, I’ll use 2 different mascaras to give my lashes volume AND length! 😀

    Thanks Joey! 🙂

  11. Twitter Nick: Sawpo
    Blog Link: NA


    (1) Skincare review
    (2) Would like to see more comparisons for various products
    (3) Home made plastic mascara eye guard to prevent mascara from accidentally smudging onto the eyelids

  12. Twitter Nick: xoxoapril
    Blog Link:


    (1) More hauls and how you apply your makeup..
    (2) Your whole collection of makeup items!
    (3) I would mix different mascaras together eg. volume+ lengthening to achieve the effect of long and thick blck lashes together.

  13. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post with answers to the following questions;- (1) What would you like to see more on this blog? (2) Any particular requests i.e. looks, swatches, comparisons or posts? (3) What are your top tips and tricks for applying mascara?

    Format as follows:

    Twitter Nick: makeawish2468
    Blog Link:


    (1) I would love to see some more tutorials, like how you apply your eye makeup.
    (2) looks!
    (3) I like to wiggle my mascara back and forth when I’m applying it. Then I use one of those clean mascara wand testers that you can get from sephora to separate my lashes.

  14. Blog Link:


    (1) Definitely more looks! And perhaps how the makeup lasted throughout the day, because this factor’s important for sunny & humid Singapore.
    (2) More more more LOOKS!
    (3) I like to rotate my mascara outwards when sweeping it from the bottom of my lashes to the tips. I find that this helps to separate and lengthen my lashes better.

  15. Twitter Nick: luvverlyn
    Blog Link:


    (1) I would like to see more LOTD tutorial posts, perhaps video tutorial will be good (:

    (2) Foundation comparisons, Best and worst makeup products.

    (3) My top tips for applying mascara is to curl my lashes first, then apply Majolica Majorca Lash Bone White Fiber and lastly, a volume mascara. If not using the MJ Lash Bone White Fiber, my HG mascara combinations are: Heroine Make Long & Curl x Sasatinnie Super Dolly Powerful Curling Mascara AND ZA Cutie Curl Volume Mascara x Dolly Wink Volume Mascara.

  16. Twitter Nick: reverieeeee
    Blog Link:


    (1) Look of the day and Foundation Reviews
    (2) MAC Quite Cute Collection Swatches (Esp. the lipsticks)
    (3) Apply mascara from closest to the base of the lashes as possible, slowly move upwards making sure the lashes are not clumped together. Use a Q-tip to remove excess mascara from lashes, or the fall off onto skin.

  17. Twitter Nick: amuletgurl85
    Blog Link: none


    (1) What would you like to see more on this blog?
    =makeup video tutorials and outfits!

    (2) Any particular requests i.e. looks, swatches, comparisons or posts?
    =Makeup collection! and makeup brushes collection and your favourites!

    (3) What are your top tips and tricks for applying mascara?
    =Just wiggle the wand multiple times to build up the mascara on the eyelashes.

  18. Hello! I just subscribed to your blog;)


    (1) I love to read anything about beauty! The latest trends, colours, makeup look, hairstyle, fashion or anything interesting, fun facts, dos and donts, current beauty promotions or value deals, product reviews, beauty hauls etc. Most of all, lots of pictures!
    (2) hmm no particular requests. Hmm probably effective ways of keeping/storing makeup/skincare items?
    (3) I’m not an expert yet still learning, but my way of applying mascrara is combing it up in a zigzag (move the wand left and right) as you make your way up to the ends. After which as I’m quite blessed with long lash, instead of using the curler( which I have yet mastered and not able to make a smooth curve up) I use my fingers to curl it up but gently tapping my lashes. Face less problem of getting it smudged on my lids/under eyes.

  19. 1. clothing/shoes related posts.
    2. I’m slowly falling for lorac products. Especially their new line of starry eye shadows. I wanna know what you think about them. 😀
    3. I use the tip of the mascara wand to get product on my lower lashes. I always use waterproof mascara too.

  20. Twitter Nick: miwitch
    Blog Link:
    (1) Fashion & Makeup Hauls
    (2) Swatches of your makeup hauls (on your hand or face ^^) & some mix and match pics of your fashion clothes with accessories.
    (3) Use a mascara primer first, then a normal mascara. Start by doing a zigzag motion near the roots of your eyelash, then sweep up and outwards from middle to end of lashes. Apply the mascara on top of lashes by sweeping lightly from near the roots to lash tip. (Do lightly to prevent the lashes from drooping down) Then sweep outwards again from bottom up. This will make the lashes more volume even with a non-volume mascara.

  21. Twitter Nick: _waxlyrical
    Blog Link: –


    (1) more skincare related posts
    (2) nail polish comparisons!
    (3) zig zag is my favourite way and if it sgets clumpy, i use a clean mascara wand to brush them out before they dry 😀

  22. Twitter Nick: crystalpoppies
    Blog Link: I don’t have a blog!


    (1) FOTD using bolder, brighter eye shadow colors!
    (2) An Elizabeth Taylor Look in remembrance of the legend.
    (3) Curl lashes first, use a waterproof mascara to hold the curl better, wait for the mascara applied on the upper lashes to dry first before applying them on lower lashes

  23. Twitter Nick:everbluec
    (1) More “Look of the day” post
    (2) Do a swatches on your blush collection!
    (3) I will curl my lashes first, apply a thin layer of mascara, curl again(with lash curler) and then put on another coat or 2 mascara. (this hold up the curl and also give me the volumn)

  24. (1) What would you like to see more on this blog? (2) Any particular requests i.e. looks, swatches, comparisons or posts? (3) What are your top tips and tricks for applying mascara?

    Format as follows:

    Twitter Nick: @jawsting
    Blog Link: –


    (1) top fashion picks!
    (2) blogshop reviews? your personal fav!
    (3) haha. I use that plastic thingie that avoids mascara from staining the eyelids!

  25. twitter nick: hotwater7

    (1) More looks of the day (2) comparison of the clarins hydra luminous compact with chanel compact. (3) Hit the curler for awhile before curling the lashes. P better curls the lash this way.

  26. Format as follows:

    Twitter Nick: sizbelle
    Blog Link:

    (1) I would like to see more fashion lemming posts from u!
    (2) love to see more daily wearable look that I could try to attempt
    (3) usually I would use a portable mirror when I’m applying mascara by looking 45 degree lower to avoid frowning my forehead. It’s also easier for me to have a better view of my lash length & clumps (if any)

  27. Twitter Nick: athiyahali
    Blog Link:


    (1) I’d like to see more posts! Haha I just love reading your blog!

    (2) More looks for different occasions/events e.g. school, work, prom, wedding etc 🙂

    (3) Tips and tricks? Using the mini comb, comb it through first to separate the lashes and then curl it followed by mascara in zig-zag motion.

  28. Answers:

    (1) anything related to fashion? like what is in right now.
    (2) comparison between products
    (3) i dont have one, i prefer false lashes more 🙂

  29. Answers:

    (1) more lotd and how you achieve the look with what products used.
    (2) at least a post per week, haha 🙂
    (3) use a good mascara. i really feel that its 20% technique and 80% product.

  30. Answers:
    (1) the best and worst products you have tried for each category e.g. cleansers, toners, ….
    (2) picture of your makeup collections. i love looking at what other people has bought
    (3) curl your lashes first.

  31. Twitter Nick: marte_b
    Blog Link:


    (1)I don`t want to see anything else “more”, just be you do your thing and enjoy it. I will follow you as I like your posts, I`m not going to tell you what I want you to change or adjust. I can google for stuff I “need” to or so desperatly need to see 🙂 Be true to yourself, and you will keep and even gain followers!!

    (2) I would love to see you go over dramatic with eyemake-up. A bit a la Black Swan extreme dark, with feathery eyelashes as well. I think you have the perfect face for extreme make-up as well.

    (3) I always apply 2 layers of mascara and inbetween I have a little comb to get rid of all the little lumbs and hairs sticking to eachother, I apply a thin layer of facial powder…apply my eyeshadow and last but not least I apply the second layer of mascara. Which results in nice seperate, long lashes and a perfect eye make-up. And my combing them a litle I don`t need a curling device either. I never zig-zag, just apply 1 stroke front side, 1 stroke back side 🙂

    Thank you very much for organising your give-aways. Good luck to everyone!!

    (I own the exact same Inglot pallette; nr 397, 487, 434, 482. I was lucky enough I could pick out some colors during a swap and I came acros your palette and I fell in love!! )

  32. Twitter Nick: msiaaa
    Blog Link: –

    (1) What would you like to see more on this blog?
    Reviews of your favorite products ever!And comparisons!
    (2) Any particular requests i.e. looks, swatches, comparisons or posts?
    Some DIY posts of celebs?
    (3) What are your top tips and tricks for applying mascara?
    Combine 2 mascaras to get the best out the two of them

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