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Super Space Saver Bag

Hello everyone, how was the weekend?

Anyway, a quick entry to share this amazing storage idea – it’s not something new in the market but its fabulous. My sister was tidying up her store-room over the weekend and she came over to my place with a huge bag of soft toys. She came over to borrow my vacuum cleaner.

It’s really simple, all she had to do is fill the bag with anything – from soft toys to cushions and winter jackets. Then use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the air out. She saved over half the amount of space using these Super Space Saver Bags she bought from Mummy Cents. These bags come in various sizes ranging from S to XXL and they are reusable.

Worth a try if you find yourself running out of space in your store-room or closet.

4 thoughts on “Super Space Saver Bag

  1. I don’t know how well they work, but Daiso has these as well and I’m guessing they might be cheaper than at Mummy Cents.

    • Daiso have everything we need at very affordable prices ey?
      My sis didn’t have the time to go around shopping thus she picked them up from online stores =(
      Will let her know that Daiso has a better deal..
      Thanks Rachel.

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