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Back & Recharged With Some Exciting News

Hello everyone, this is a rather out-dated post but hey, I am back from Hong Kong. Touched down on Friday evening and spent the past couple of days unpacking the bags, tidying up the house, delivering gifts, doing the laundry and helping my sis arrange her store-room.

Traveling has always been very tiring especially traveling with smaller airlines – tight seating and coach transfers from gate to plane. I had a really bad stomach pain the day I am leaving Hong Kong, the pain was unbearable but thank god, it got better before we leave to the airport. However, I had a wonderful trip and the weather was very kind to us, no rain throughout the trip, it was bright and sunny during the day and cooling during the night.

Went for my facial this morning as my skin feels super congested and dehydrated. It always happen whenever I visit Hong Kong. It was so painful during the extraction, now my face is red but that’s normal for me. It should be gone by tomorrow. I also received a free hand and eye treatment because it’s my birthday month, thanks Ivy.

I popped by Jo Malone after facial and was delighted to find out their Tea Collection will be available from 1st May onwards. I can’t wait to smell them all. I think this is a limited edition collection so for those who wish to get them, be sure you pop by Jo Malone at Takashimaya this Sunday. Meanwhile, you read these reviews about them on Rouge Deluxe and The Beauty Look Book for a head start.

Shopping was great in Hong Kong – always. Managed to picked a few pieces of clothings from H&M. No shoes this trip, not a lot of makeup but loads of false eyelashes. I kept most of the receipts so I can do a rough currency conversion for the upcoming posts. Some of the brands are not available in Singapore so I can’t compare the prices but brands like Shu Uemura, Benefit and Bioderma are cheaper in Hong Kong (referring to items I purchased).

We also bought some biscuits and cookies for family and friends at the airport.

Posts on Hong Kong and my shoppings coming up soon. I have uploaded the product pictures into the computer, got to put them together and do some swatches (where possible). Will be working on them this week. And I will also be selecting a winner for the last giveaway via later tonight. Sorry for the delay. It was great pleasure reading all the comments and some of you have great tips for applying mascara!! Thank you for sharing them with me.

Finally, what’s the exciting news? I registered for my own domain.

Remember this blog had technical issues beginning of the year? I couldn’t log into my blog or view my posts. I was devastated. I felt so lonely and reckless. This blog contains a lot of my thoughts and your thoughts in the comments section which means so much to me. This blog is also a tool for me to keep track of my purchases, collections and little things I have in my stash. Too much to lose – too precious to let go. Thus, I have decided to host and manage my own blog – perhaps not the most convenient idea but it could be the solution.

I am starting to import and export contents now and fixing a couple of features on the new site. The entire conversion process will probably take a while because I am all new to this. So, meanwhile, I will still be updating on this blog until the new site is ready to welcome you.

Thank you for reading and speak to you soon.

6 thoughts on “Back & Recharged With Some Exciting News

  1. Wow, your own domain! That sounds amazing, where you’re able to control everything that goes into your site- able to completely customize it as well. Will definitely stay tuned!

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