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Minx Nails In Minxlusion With A Twist

I couldn’t find the actual name of this set of minx but it resembles very closely to Minxlusion I had on my toes previously so I named it Minxlusion with a twist – for now. For those who missed my last post on getting my nails minxed and my thoughts about them, click here and here to read.

I went back for another set of minx nails just before my holiday the week before. I didn’t have any ideas what I wanted and there were some new designs so I picked this from the lot. I really love how Minxlusion reflects light – beautiful array of colours. Part of me refuses to use the same design so I went for one with some circles on top. As a reader tweeted, it looks very sci-fi which I agree to that. This design is pretty glaring under bright sunlight, kind of blinding but I love the attention.

A rather simple yet attention seeking set of nails.

Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “Minx Nails In Minxlusion With A Twist

  1. Wow, they’re def nice but way pricey! I doubt I’d ever even consider getting these because of the price tag…

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