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A Joint Birthday Party With Little Niece

My sister organised a joint birthday party for my little niece and I before we set off abroad. For little niece’s 1st and my 27th. We booked the function room and ordered some buffet. Sis also rented some toys for the kids and I bought lots of easter eggs.

Sis also ordered a customised cake with both our names on it.

We kept it rather simple with family and close friends only. I have not had a birthday party like this – with balloons, toys and hats since primary school? It definitely brought back some memories.

We were all “kids” for a night, playing with the balloons.

And posing with them.

Thank you to all who came and the gifts. Thank you to those who made this party possible. It was an awesome party and get together with lots of laughter and chats.

10 thoughts on “A Joint Birthday Party With Little Niece

  1. i cant stop smiling, each time i see a foto of u n ur boy! so happy for u!! ♥

    PS: your niece looks soooooo much like her mummy!! same eyes!! 🙂

  2. So glad to see You had such a “Happy Birthday” Joey with Your lovely little niece – both of You are very beautiful : )
    Best Wishes for many more fun times with Your wonderful family and dear friends. Cheers and blessings, Robert >

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