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Stocking Up Some Basics

Hello everyone, today I shall start off with the most basic items I bought from my recent trip to Hong Kong.

First, it’s LUSH. We all know that LUSH doesn’t have a retail store in Singapore thus getting their products can be quite a task. But one shop at Holland Village does carry a wide range of LUSH products and some local online retailers are selling samples, so if you are keen to try, you may want to source for these alternatives. I still have a box filled with LUSH products so I only picked up their Happy Easter Gift Set which includes some giant bath bombs. It costs HKD402, about S$67.

Next in line, we have a lot of BIODERMA. Many thanks to the boyfriend for carrying them. I can’t remember how much these are selling for at local Guardian but they are so much cheaper in Hong Kong. BIODERMA Sensibio H2O – 500ml is HKD228 each = S$38, a gift set which includes BIODERMA Sensibio H2O – 250ml + 100ml and a moisturizer – 15ml is HKD178 = S$30 and you can get 2 of BIODERMA Sensibio H2O – 100ml at HKD85 = S$14 if you purchase any BIODERMA products.

And lastly, the boyfriend spotted Benefit “HONEY… Snap Out Of It!” – one of our favorite facial scrubs and it retails for HKD250 which is about S$42. Read my thoughts about this product here. If I am not wrong, I think this scrub is selling at S$60 or S$65 in Singapore. I didn’t check out other Benefit products as I was too busy exploring makeup at another counter.

Thank you for reading.

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