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Incredible Hong Kong: Day 1 – The Journey, Hotel & Some Food

It was a super exhausting day. We were suppose to depart Singapore on a 6am flight but our schedule got changed to a 11am flight instead. I was not very happy with the arrangement but there is nothing much I can do. If we were on the earlier flight, we would have arrived in Hong Kong before noon. Enough time for us to check-in and get some rest before dinner.

So, for this instance, we touched down in Hong Kong close to 3pm and by the time we reached the hotel, it’s already 5pm.

 Traveling with smaller airlines for longer journeys is a killer. There were no in-flight entertainment and paying for refreshments costed a bomb. Used one of our new luggage bags for this trip. Being white in colour, it’s super visible on the conveyor belt. We could spot it from far away. No doubt, it’s filled with some stains and scratches after checking it in but it still looks good.

 Lucky we opted for airport to hotel transfers. We arrived and checked in smoothly. We booked The Kimberley Hotel at Tsimshatsui. The room size was acceptable and the location is quite good. Close to the MTR Station, malls and lots to eat everywhere. I prefer staying at Tsimshatsui whenever I visit Hong Kong. I like that it’s more centralized to the areas I shop. Mong Kok and Causeway Bay are just stops away, not to mention Harbour City is within walking distance.

 Shortly after we checked in, we went to a nearby cafe for some food.

Ordered some tim sum, porridge and noodles. That’s our late lunch. 

 Took a short nap and head out to explore Tsimshatsui area in the night.

Weather was good, it was cooling and kind of windy. Had bits and pieces of local snacks for dinner and head back to the hotel for some rest. I am sure you can tell we were really tired from the photo above.

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