Winner For Joey’space Loves You Giveaway Part 5


Thank you for participating in Joey’space Loves You Giveaway Part 5 which took place while I was on holiday. It feels amazing to be back reading all the entries.

A few have requested for video tutorials, I have tried but failed terribly. I cannot speak well in front of the camera and my voice sound horrible. I can try to take step-by-step pictures but making videos is really not in the list at the moment.

Many have also requested for more looks, reviews and outfit-of-the-day posts which I will surely include in the future. These are what I enjoy doing and sharing on this blog. I love shopping too, so requests for more hauls is not a problem. But do note that all products you see on this blog are purchased by myself, I don’t receive them for free. Whatever I buy or review are items I like or worth mentioning. Occasionally, I may include 1 or 2 products which didn’t work for me but that’s just me, it may work wonderfully on you.

I will also look into doing some tag posts as some of you suggested. Perhaps by doing so, you all can know me better? I have tried writing an introduction about myself for this blog but I went blank. I didn’t know where to start and what to write. So, if you come across any interesting tags, remember to tag me too.

Once again, congratulations to Eunice – your parcel is on the way to you and you should receive it after the long weekend. And thank you to all of you for taking time to stop by this little blog.

2 thoughts on “Winner For Joey’space Loves You Giveaway Part 5

  1. hey babe!

    received the giveaway package today. i’m loving the Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life which I just tried:) Smells heavenly and the microbeads are really gentle to the skin:)

    thanks so much for the stash of Chanel goodies too<3

    have a great week ahead and God bless!

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