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I don’t know about you but the first thing I usually notice in promotional pictures is the skin. I have always admired the visuals both BECCA and CHANTECAILLE releases.

BECCA’s look super effortless, almost out of the bed with perfect glowing skin, messy hair and natural makeup. CHANTECIALLE’s is clean and polished with flawless skin. I have been wanting to explore these two brands for a while and since I have cleared out some bases that didn’t work on me, I have room for more.

If you are new to these brands like I am, take a minute to read their brand philosophy from their respective website. Perhaps this will help you understand their products better.

The whole philosophy of BECCA is about creating a natural, flawless look. It’s really about skin looking amazing – everything else is secondary.

Rebecca Morrice Williams
BECCA Founder and Creative Director

I was pleasantly surprised with the array of foundation shades BECCA makes. BECCA is the first prestige cosmetics brand committed to providing a Skin Perfecting Make-Up System for all women of all skin colours. They are able to match any complexion exactly with their extraordinary collection of 12 powder colours, 30 foundation colours and 34 concealer colours, ranging from the fairest white (Nougat) to the darkest black (Expresso).

I bought 4 base products from BECCA and the loose powder was a gift with purchase.

  • Resurfacing Primer: Line & Pore Minimising, Mattifying Formula – HKD550
  • Shimmering Skin Perfector: Illuminator SPF 25+ in Opal – HKD550
  • Luminous Skin Colour: Tinted Moisturiser SPF 25+ in Nude – HKD550
  • Mineral Powder in Bloom – HKD420

I haven’t got a chance to wear them yet but they seem pretty decent when I tried them at the store. The packaging is slim and compact but it has the same rubbery texture NARS has so I am a little worried about them turning nasty in our hot and humid weather. Guess time will tell.

CHANTECAILLE makeup is renowned for its natural look, particularly the translucent foundations that have revolutionized the way women use coverage. And don’t we love the purple boxes? Their products come in the most luxury packaging. Modern and elegant.

Although their lip products are very attractive, I picked up what I was there for, their bases.

  • Future Skin: Oil Free Gel Foundation in Cream – HKD680
  • Compact Makeup – HKD580

This post pretty much concluded all the base products I bought from Hong Kong. These bases will surely spice up my existing collection. I am happy just looking and admiring them and I hope I will be happier wearing them.

14 thoughts on “Bases From BECCA & CHANTECAILLE

  1. i love BECCA!! they were in sephora for such a short while before getting pulled out!
    but their concealer n foundation is my absolute FAV! LOVE EM!!

    • Really?
      They were at Sephora?
      I have never seen them in Singapore before and this is the first time I am buying from them..
      Can’t wait to see if these bases work for me =)
      See you on Thursday babe!!

  2. You’ll love future skin, it’s light, hydrating & gives you a healthy,polished finish. Chantecaille is great when it comes to base products. Their lipstick is fabulous as well. The only complaint would be the prices!

    Becca on the other hand, has great selection of shades but I find their product too greasy & a bit heavy for my liking. Even their loose powder feels heavy on me. Yes, I am afraid the plastic on the container will go yucky especially under tropical weather.

    The only base product I find useful ( in fact, almost HG ) from Becca is Boudoir skin. In fact, I had praised about this in my blog. This is a fantastic product, just brush it on with a mineral powder kabuki brush, you’ll get a fresh, almost air brushed perfect complexion, effortlessly.

  3. i’ve always wanted a becca skin illuminator. it’s just so difficult to find a Becca counter physically. gotta turn to online shopping without swatching anything i guess. love the chantecaille packaging!

    • Hi Rica,
      Both brands ain’t available in Singapore so I am glad I am able to get them when I was in HK.
      Will you be traveling any time soon?
      Perhaps you can find a store wherever you are visiting.

  4. Hi Joey
    Becca used to be available at Changi Airport T3 Duty Free but unfortunately, as it wasn’t really that popular in Singapore, they have since closed the counter 😦

  5. hey, the CHANTECAILLE base products look lovely!! I should have paid more attention to it when I was there hahaha… let us know how it’s working out for you soon! 🙂

  6. no leh? but then again i kept it in the box and only started using it late last year! LOL
    so far it looks ok. why? did urs get nasty??

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