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They Are Too Cute, I Couldn’t Resist


Paperself is a platform for the innovative exploration of paper for contemporary product design. Launched in 2009 by London-based designer Chunwei Liao, Paperself unites artists, designers and manufacturers from East to West. Challenging conventions of product design, Paperself offers a stylish alternative in furniture, homeware and accessories for eco-concious living.

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Paperself came up with a series of False Eyelashes inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting blend with an element of traditional culture and contemporary design. They have 11 styles to date, all intricately cut and delicately pretty – infused with symbolic meaning rooted in Chinese culture.

Unique and expressive, these false eyelashes come in two sizes. The smaller pieces are to accentuate the corners of the eyes and make a statement with the full lashes for a special occasion.

I bought 3 pairs, Small Peonies, Small Peach Blossoms and Small Deer & Butterfly from ASOS.

They are so cute, I just couldn’t resist. I haven’t played around with them yet and wonder how they will look. I bought the smaller ones because they will make great accent pieces. I also really like their full lashes but I find it hard to wear them out even during special occasions. Shall play around with them soon and find out how they look, feel and wear. Wonder if they are reusable.

Thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “They Are Too Cute, I Couldn’t Resist

  1. Wow, these are so Gothic Lolita. I don’t like the beetle pincer ones, but the others look very delicate and Tim Burton-esque. I wonder if these would feel stiff on.

  2. I saw them, and was toying with the idea of ordering them..they are def worth collecting even if you don’t end up using them. little pieces of art. 🙂

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