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Incredible Hong Kong: Day 4 – The Birthday Dinner

The weather is perfect tonight. And we are all dressed up for the birthday dinner.

Had dinner at Spasso, an Italian restaurant at Harbour City. We sat outdoor because the weather was too nice to be hiding indoors. It was neither too warm nor too cold. The ambient and atmosphere was ideal for just the two of us. We also had a table at the corner with stunning view of the harbour and lightings from the commercial buildings.

Champagne added a little sparkle to our dinner. Can you see the gold leaf in my drink? As pretty as the drink looks, it is quite bitter and strong.

The restaurant manager offered to take a photo for us.

Bread were served together with dipping oil is our favourite.

Dinner was great with chats. It was relaxing and time kind of stood still at some point. Our entire dinner probably took less than 2 hours but it felt like we were there for a much longer time. Peaceful and calm, no time, no phone calls, no rush – yes, we are overseas.

So, what’s next?

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