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Incredible Hong Kong: Day 4 – We Watched A Category III Movie

It’s my birthday today and we have a few things in mind.

First thing first, we had more tim sum for brunch. This time, we went to the Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant opposite the hotel. Prices are a lot more reasonable and food is a lot nicer.

After food, we headed to iSquare which is a new mall around Tsimshatsui.

We went there for The World’s First 3D Erotic Film, 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy.

 It was quite an experience watching a category III movie and it’s in 3D. We decided to watch it purely out of curiosity and it’s the first 3D erotic film in the world. Why not?

So, what can one expect? Boobies popping out of the screen?

It’s nothing like how I imagined. This movie is more like a comedy with little scenes of sex. There is nothing too extreme about this film. To me, it’s one of those modern-day films with a bit of nudity – that’s all. But I got to say, this movie contains some ancient punishment scenes which got me hiding under the sleeves. Don’t expect a fantastic story line to go with this movie either.

The afternoon ended relatively early. We bought some bo lo buns and egg tarts on our way back to the hotel and that’s going to last us till dinner tonight.

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