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2 Sulwhasoo Facial Masks

Started with research on ginseng in 1967 and established in 1972, Sulwhasoo is a premium Korean herbal medicinal cosmetics brand founded on the philosophy of true oneness between the body and mind. With a deep understanding that everything begins with nature. Sulwhasoo is dedicated to bringing the best of beauty inspired by ancient theories of traditional Korean medicine and is supported by extensive modern research and development.

Sulwhasoo uses purely Korean ingredients and treats each ingredient with Poje, the optimal special treatment method to enhance all efficacies of medicinal herbs to the maximum. The essence of Korean medicinal technology has been revived with Sulwhasoo’s slow recipe and special treatments from tradition and devotion.

Poje means processing medicinal herbs through baking, steaming, fermenting etc. to enhance positive efficacies and to eliminate toxicity.


I was introduced to Sulwhasoo by a reader and when I saw their boutique at Times Square in Hong Kong, I went in to take a look at their products. Their stand alone boutique impressed me. The layout was simple and calming. I was greeted by friendly beauty consultants and Peggy was the one who served me. She guided me through a bit of their history, brand and their entire product range as I told her I am all new to this brand. After analysing my skin condition, she recommended a few products to me but I wasn’t ready to change my skincare routine as yet so I picked up 2 facial masks to try.

I picked up the Skin Clarifying Mask (150ml) at HKD300 = S$50. A Korean herbal medicinal peel-off Clarifying Mask that provides deep relaxation and resurfacing the skin’s texture. And the Overnight Vitalizing Treatment (120ml) at HKD350 = S$58. An overnight Korean herbal medicinal treatment to restore radiant look in the morning by furnishing the skin with moisture and nutrition.

Sulwhasoo has developed a very impressive platform with a wide variety of skincare products which ranges from their Cleansing Line, Basic Line, Special Line, Snowise Line to Men’s Line. They also have a range of makeup, the Lumitouch Line and Extra Refining Radiance Makeup Line which I was particularly drawn to. Peggy was nice, she gave me some samples, including their star product – the First Care Serum, the Extra Refining Radiance Makeup Base and Extra Refining Radiance Foundation.

According to Sulwhasoo’s website, they are only available in the South Korea and Hong Kong. But I learned that they are exclusively available at Nuance-Watson T2 & T3 Singapore Changi Airport since December last year. I haven’t really noticed this brand because I have not heard of them (my knowledge about Korean and Japanese skincare/makeup is pretty limited). Is it still available at the airport?

I have been using the Overnight Vitalizing Treatment mask 3 times a week since my return. I am still not ready for a verdict or conclusion as to whether I like this product or not. Or whether this product has improved my skin. I have also tried the Skin Clarifying Mask last week but I guess it’s too early to tell. I will be back with more updates about the products I got, including the samples given.

Have you heard or tried any of Sulwhasoo’s products before?

8 thoughts on “2 Sulwhasoo Facial Masks

  1. Hi Joey! 🙂
    Glad that you’ve given sulwahsoo products a try.
    And really happy to see that you’ve enjoyed yourself lots in HK.
    And yes, Sulwhasoo is still available at T2. 🙂

    • Hi Ros,
      I have to thank you for sharing this brand to me =)
      I will take a “peep” at their products when I visit T2 the next time I travel, hope the prices are reasonable as compared to HK.

    • Hi Rachel,
      I am beginning to explore Asian skincare brands slowly, bit by bit..
      But, I am sure they are worth looking into as most Asian brands are developed to suit our Asian needs =)

  2. hi joey! yes this brand is still available at T2 and T3 nuance watson. 🙂
    heard good things about the masks and their whitening products. The ginseng series too.

  3. I am waiting for your verdict, no pressure Joey. I knew about this brand but as you said, its distribution is rather limited and I haven’t got enough courage to try Korean skincare yet, although I had came across lots of positive comments/reviews about this line.

    You can get this line from strawberrynet.

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