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My First Visit To Spize At Simpang Bedok

My first visit to Spize at Simpang Bedok was filled with great food (again!) and laughter. Filled with joy and exciting car ride. Filled with screaming and shouting – both in the car and at dinner. I had a wonderful time last night with Sarah, Sophia and Kas – thank you for taking time to drive us around!!

Let’s start with the food. They have an impressive and wide-spread of food on the menu, it can take a while to know what to order. Literally spoilt with choices. From western to local delights, you name it, they have it. The cheesy fries is – super delicious so is everything else. The chin chow drink tastes awesome too. I was really full to the brim.

The night started with lots of chit chatting and catching up. Also, many exchange of great products to try – that’s what happen when we meet, isn’t it? You ladies made me whan to buy so many other things. But I love it because it’s impossible for oneself to know it all, there are things others know and I don’t. Perhaps there are things I know that other don’t too.

Speaking of being full to the brim, a cake “kind of” suddenly appeared. A very pretty and delicious cake. Thank you!! We managed to eat half the cake last night and I just finished the other half for lunch.

It was awesome hanging out with these fine, lovely ladies.

Looking forward to meeting up soon. Thank you so much for the presents too, truly speechless. It’s amazing how you all know my style, my taste and my likings through reading the blog. Bottoms up – to the many years of gorgeous friendship we have ahead of us. It’s a blessing to know wonderful people like you all =)

Thank you for reading and happy Friday.

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