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1 More Foundation For My Stash

A new addition to my existing foundation collection. I have heard and seen so many wonderful reviews about this product – I can’t wait any longer, I got to try it myself. I bought the MAQuillage Lasting Stick Foundation UV (S$76) and a Loose Powder (S$68) to go along with it.

On the website, it states that this product melt and blends into the skin to cover pores and uneveness. It also creates a smooth and lustrous finish. Claims to be resistant to sweat, sebum and stay fresh looking all day long. It has been tested and proved to last for 8 hours.

How wonderful does all that sound?

I visited the makeup counter with no makeup on the other day and I feel that it’s one of the best ways to try on a new foundation. The BA applied the stick foundation with a sponge over half of my face and I saw the differences – obvious differences. I was practically sold within 2 minutes, the BA didn’t have to say anything else. I asked her 1 question and we closed the deal. I was matched with the shade OC-10.

I haven’t got the chance to wear it yet because of all the new bases I bought. Too many at one go but I am equally excited about all of them.

Have you tried this foundation before?

11 thoughts on “1 More Foundation For My Stash

  1. I am tempted, I heard that the stick foundation practically creates a perfect canvas, a poreless, porcelain fine complexion,is it true?

  2. Woooowwww . . . I want to try this so badly. But it’s way too expensive for me, and I have yet to try the Missha BB Cream I’ve been after for a while on ebay. Sigh. This looks like an amazing foundation, though.

  3. I love love love this foundation too, it glides onto your skin like nothing! and almost feel like I don’t even need to set it. 🙂

  4. I have this foundation in OC10 too. Love it for its fantastic coverage and finish but OC10 turned out too dark (brown) on me, tho it matched perfectly when the SA tested on my jawline. 😦 Thot of getting another one with a correct match but this foundation is not cheap. Luckily I’ve managed to tone down the OC10’s “browness” a bit with a brightening base and lighter powder.

  5. I’m also using 020 for Diorskin X4 Control compact foundation, which is a good match. Do share with us know how this stick foundation wears on you.

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