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Introducing Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner


Aqua Liner is a high precision waterproof liquid eyeliner. Rich in pigments and polymers, its formula guarantees intense colour and an outstanding waterproof result. Its ergonomic applicator lets you easily apply an ultra precise line to create an eyeliner makeup look. Aqua liner is available in a wide range of vibrant shades with matte, iridescent and diamond finishes. Easily removed with waterproof makeup remover.

For best results, remember to shake Aqua Liner up and down before each use. Hold the cap like a brush and trace the line, starting from the middle of the eyelid and moving towards the outer corner of the eye. Finish by starting at the middle of the eyelid and working towards the inner corner, making the line thinner as you go along.

Add a second line of eyeliner above the first. Either play up contrast by layering two bold colors or opt for a gentle touch by pairing two similar shades.

Formula includes: Acrylic Polymer, Essential amino acids of apple juice, Glycerides, High concentration of Pigments. It’s fragrance free, ophtalmologist tested.

Information above extracted from Make Up For Ever website here >

For more photos, review and swatches of this product, please visit Temptalia’s website here > 


I am very excited about these new liquid eyeliners. Given an A+ rating on Temptalia’s website and the jaw dropping swatches. The colours are incredibly pigmented and vibrant. I can’t wait for them to be launched in Singapore so I can get my hands on them. I am particularly interested in #3 – olive green, #4 – blue teal, #8 – red purple, #10 – red and #14 – black brown with multi-coloured shimmer.

Which colours caught your attention?


12 thoughts on “Introducing Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner

  1. when this hits singapore, imma run to the pro store and grab a couple of colours! SO PRETTY!! i saw them on last week and was contemplating buying then decided to wait till they come sg!

  2. omg, Sarah and Joey, I was just abt to say I wanna run with you girls too, when these come out here. LOL

    I want/ need/ lem the shades #14 black-brown with multi-colored shimmer, #11 burgundy wine with fuchsia and pink shimmer and #15 silvered black with multi-colored shimmer.

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