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Coast To Coast 100% Pure Australian Skincare

Good afternoon everyone!!

This is a quick post to share with you a great, not-to-be-missed deal (to me at least) at Coast To Coast.

I have not heard of this Australian brand before but Coast To Coast is a range of pure and authentic skin, bath, body and hair care products. And all products claim to deliver optimum results by using powerful natural ingredients from their beautiful homeland, Australia.

Find out more about them here >

I walked pass their boutique located at Vivocity, Level 1 – the row where L’occitane and Kiehl’s are, opposite The Make Up Store, on Monday. The simplicity of the store drew my attention and I was greeted by a very friendly and knowledgable SA, Eric. And soon learnt that Coast To Coast is having an incredible deal.

buy 1 get 1 free

This offer starts from now and ends on 30 June 2011. I picked up a bunch of items to try and gave my sister the other set.

If you are interested with the offer, I recommend bringing a few friends so all of you can work out which products to get. This way, you will probably end up with more items to try because you are not allowed to mix and match items even if they cost the same.

For new brands, I usually start by exploring their body care range (if any). I picked up a Rainforest Invigorating Body Cleanser which contains Lilly Pilly, Rosalina and Organic Chamomile, S$37 for 300ml, a Rainforest Invigorating Body Exfoliant with Wild Rosella, Wattleseed and Organic Rose Hip Oil, S$43 for 250ml and a Coastal Refreshing Body Cleanser with Sea Parsley Extract, Geranium and Organic Olive Oil, S$32 for 250ml.

After selecting the body care products, I was introduced to their serums which are their top sellers. I was amazed with the texture, I fell in love with their serums almost immediately.

They carry three serums targeting different concerns. I picked the Outback Cellular Recovery Radiance Serum which contains Kakadu Plum and Natural Peptides for brightening and smoothing, S$112 for 30ml and a pack of Outback Brightening Fruit Fibre Eye Treatment Masks – reduce the appearance of dark circles and a pack of Coastal Soothing Fruit Fibre Eye Treatment Masks – reduce the appearance of fine lines and “de-pouf” puffy eyes, S$48 each for 6 eye masks.

I have not tried any of the products at home yet and it would be too soon to tell if the serum works. This is just a post to let you know that there is such an offer at Coast To Coast right now and what I picked up.

Thank you for reading and have a great day ahead.

6 thoughts on “Coast To Coast 100% Pure Australian Skincare

  1. Hi Joey. I’m surprised the SA didn’t allow you to mix and match. I bought a total of 6 items on Sunday from another SA. I bought 2 body scrubs from different lines, 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner from different lines, and 1 toner and 1 facial scrub also from different lines. Wasn’t aware there was such a restriction.

    I highly recommend you this anti-oxidant body scrub (purple tube) from The Natural Source. The chain is longer available in Singapore, moved out a couple of years ago when the parent company went into financial trouble. They have since reopened back in Melbourne. I got a relative to bring me back 2 tubes last year. The scent and texture is superbly wonderful and my skin feels so smooth after using it. Can’t achieve same effect with other scrubs (not even with Jurlique). My 2 little girls love this scrub to bits too.

    They have many other wonderful products too. Shampoo/Conditioner, hair mask, body whip (light body moisturiser, try sugarcane and green tea scents, my faves)

    • Hi Karen,

      I am surprised reading your comment too. Why didn’t the SA let me mix and match?
      I am going back to clarify next week!!

      Thank you for commenting =)

    • You are welcome Cindy.
      Please make sure they allow you to mix and match the products!!
      I went to clarify and apparently, they have changed their system from “I wasn’t allowed to” to “yes, you can!!”
      I was really unhappy about the change =(

    • Hi Serene,
      Sorry about the late reply.
      I like the eye masks and shower gel in particular =)
      I put the eye masks in fridge and it’s so cooling, it fits really well under the eye area too.
      If you are getting anything and if the “buy 1 get 1 free” promotion is still on, please make sure they allow you to mix and match, ok?

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