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Audi Fashion Festival 2011 – Alldressedup

 Morning everyone!! Last week was Audi Fashion Festival week, a lot of the makeup artists were busy preparing backstage and styling the models. A few bloggers got the chance to go backstage to witness the making of a fashion show. Jessie and I got our chance to watch our first fashion show with super tall models with super long legs. Many thanks to Jacqueline for the tickets.

Two Audi A1 greeted us at the entrance to Tent @ Orchard where the event was held.

I felt like a million dollars on the red carpet – just for that moment.

Before the show started, we hanged out at the event hall with many variety of drinks to choose from. We went for the blush-pink Rosemount Ruby “O” creations which tastes absolutely delicious. And it looks ultra feminine too.

Speaking of being “fashionably late”, we waited for over an hour for the show to start. We couldn’t help but take photos of each other.

Finally, we got seated and the show began.

Sorry, I couldn’t capture a decent photo of the walk but you can get a sense of it with these pictures too, right?

We went for the show by Alldressedup and they showcased their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. I am in love with the colour combinations. There were lots of cadet blue, cambridge blue, camel, carmine, chamoisee and bright red. Awesome, awesome modern and chic. This fashion show surely inspired me a little, in terms of pairing tops, bottoms and the colour schemes.

At the end of the show, we have Lionel Leo and Tina Tan-Leo, the founders and creators of this unique brand.

A little about what I wore to the event.

I wore a Basic Tube Top in Black from MANGO paired with Aude Flare Pants in Black from Love, Bonito and a Grey Blazer from Tracyeinny. Complete with a YSL hot pink clutch and Illamasqua Lipstick in Atomic.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Sunday ahead.


8 thoughts on “Audi Fashion Festival 2011 – Alldressedup

  1. Powerful, stylish, assertive fashionista, the next Anna Wintour ? Love the combination of serious brights with stern grey & black. Gosh, I need to write a post dedicating this look, Joey.

  2. Joey o Joey,
    your pants so flowy,
    your skin so glowy,
    Joey o Joey,
    you look so lovely

    *dang, the “l” in loveLy spoilt the otherwise perfect rhyme :P*

  3. Hey! U look great! Love the finish of your makeup! Was just wondering what foundation were you using for the look? 🙂

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