The Journal

Have You Watched X-Men First Class?

Honestly, I thought it was going to be the most boring X-Men movie but the X-Men First Class is awesome. This 132 minutes film might even be worth watching at the GV Gold Class. It’s that brilliant. Watch it if you haven’t. For those who have, do you think there will be X-Men First Class 2?

Everytime I watch movies like X-Men, I ask myself which character I want to be or for this instance, what special powers I want to have. I am thinking Jean Grey, the Phoenix or rather, the Dark Phoenix. Or Professor X, Xavier. I also like the powers of Storm, Rouge and Emma Frost the White Queen. How about you?

Nothing overly exciting happened this week. I have been running some errands and babysitting.

Well, I have put on lots of weight. I am not joking. It’s visible to everyone and people have been commenting on my weight gain. I need to condition my stomach by reducing the amount of food I take. Hoping to shed a few kilos during my next trip. I realise I have been eating too much lately. I feel so bloated.

I need a month of intensive control, that’s it.

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