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Inglot Nº 307 Vs Chanel Mimosa

On this lovely Sunday morning, I have a little comparison post for you. I bought the Inglot Nail Enamel in Nº 307 specifically to compare with Chanel Le Vernis in Mimosa because at first sight, they look very similar.

We shall leave the branding aside because it’s totally different but lets compare the amount of product and prices. Nº 307 is approximately S$18 and Mimosa is S$36 – twice the price. Do we get twice the amount of product? I don’t think so, in fact Mimosa only contains 13ml as compared to Nº 307 which contains 15ml. So, you see the fine line between a designer brand and a makeup artists’ brand?

Moving onto the colours. I am not sure if the pictures do any justice but they are pretty different.

I would say they have a similar base colour which is the yellow and even that, I find the yellow in Mimosa warmer and Nº 307 contains a tad more white which may make my fingers look dull. Mimosa has this unique iridescent pink and gold shimmers in it which Nº 307 don’t. Instead Nº 307 has a subtle silver metallic sheen to it.

As for the brush applicator, Chanel’s has a longer and broader tip.

Lastly, let’s compare both formulas. I don’t find them difficult to apply but sadly, both streaks and need at least 2 medium coats to do the job. I find that 3 thin coats work the best. When it comes to the 3rd coat, I find Nº 307 a little thick whereas Mimosa still applies nicely.

Bottom line, I still love Mimosa because of its warm undertones and beautiful shimmers. But Nº 307 is a great alternative if you missed getting Mimosa or if the price range is more acceptable for you. There are of course many yellow nail polishes in the market, as for me, I don’t collect them, I love buying and using them so I try to avoid getting anything too similar. And I don’t think I will be getting any more yellow nail polishes any time soon.

Are you team Mimosa or team Nº 307?

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