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Admiring Them Makes Me Happy

Was looking through my makeup collection and came across a few items that were un-used, un-touched and un-swatched. Here are five of them.

Considering I am not a makeup collector, it’s hard to find brand new items in my stash. I only buy what I like and what I will use or in some cases, buy something to try because I am qurious about how it works on me. And I discard them when they turn bad, I don’t keep the empty casings nor the boxes. In fact, I toss the boxes away once I get home unless they are potential gifts. In short, I buy to use and not to keep.

Having said that, I tend to keep certain items longer before I decide to use them. Just to admire them for a little longer, maybe a couple of weeks? But of course, there is always exception.


In 2008, MAC launched a collection called A-Mei. It’s a collaboration with major Asian pop star A-Mei and the collection is inspired by her native Puyuma tribe in Taiwan.

The A-Mei 3 Neutral Eyes Eyeshadow Palette was a gift from a good friend and it contains Vanilla, Mulch and Brown Down. I love the colourful cross-stitch motif on the packaging. Having too many neutral eyeshadows at that time, I never got to use this palette but I kept it for its packaging.

I used to keep lots of MAC’s limited edition products but they are all gone now, I’ve either threw them away while shifting or brought them back to exchange for a new lipstick – Back To MAC. This palette is probably the oldest item I own from MAC now.

Next are two products from the SOHO STORY Makeup Collection by Chanel last Fall. I bought a few items from this collection (refer here) but I have not used the Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow in Stupendous and the SOHO de Chanel Highlighting Powder and Blush.

What’s so precious about this collection to me is – I wasn’t expecting to see it in Singapore at all, I thought it was a SOHO exclusive. And Stupendous is the first Chanel eyeshadow quad I have with square pans.

The SOHO de Chanel Highlighting Powder and Blush is simply gorgeous. I couldn’t bare swiping my brush across the embossed SOHO. I have kept them for almost a year now, I don’t know if I am ever going to use them.

Bought the Bobbi Brown Lip & Cheek Palette which consists of a Lip Colour Quad (Sandwash Pink, Raisin, Berry Metallic, Raspberry Metallic), a Pot Rouge in Blushed Rose 3 and a Lip Gloss Quad (Pink Cloud, Pink Beige, Golden Topaz Glitter, Pale Gold Shimmer) at DFS last March.

There is something about the palette that kept me from using it. Maybe because it’s pretty? Maybe because I have too many lip products that I don’t need to use it? Or maybe because I have forgotten all about it?

Lastly, it’s the Guerlain Sublime Radiant Powder I got a few weeks ago. Part of me is still debuting if I should use it. I love the packaging, it’s so unique to me.


I will probably pack the Bobbi Brown Lip & Cheek Palette for my next travel and I will most likely be using the Guerlain Sublime Radiant Powder soon too. Just in case you are wondering, I have the habit to remove the applicators from the palettes once I have taken photographs of them. I keep all the applicators in a box.

Do you keep certain products and not use them because it means something to you? Or do you buy two, one to keep and one to use?

Thank you for reading.

12 thoughts on “Admiring Them Makes Me Happy

  1. Hey, Joey. Another gorgeous post. And in seeing all those deep, chocolatey browns, one of my favorite combinations right now is using Venomous Cosmetics’ “Stiletto Snake” and “Fer-de-Lance”: the blackest eyeshadow I have ever used, and a deep brown, mildly shimmery brown. But I can’t find these two dark shades in any quad or duo of any sort! It’s hard to find several dark shades in one compact.
    So, I was wondering if you know of one, or if a similar kind of pairing of shadows comes to mind. Thank you,

    Thank you!

    • Hi Sasha,
      Thank you =)
      Try Urban Decay Dangerous Palette – this is the only one that I can think of at the moment!!
      It consists of several dark shades in one!!

  2. Hi Joey
    I start to put on makeup only recently and have bought a few expensive products since. I thought that if I dont use them, it will be a waste of money so all the MU stuff that I bought I have used them at least once. haha. I was thinking, if I keep them for too long, will they turn bad??

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