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Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying Mask

Good morning everyone. Remember I bought 2 facial masks from Sulwhasoo in April, during my birthday trip to Hong Kong? Well, I think I am ready to deliver some thoughts about them. First, I have the Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying Mask for you. Write up for the Overnight Vitalizing Treatment will come later this week.

 The Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying Mask is a peel-off mask that purifies and clarifies dull, devitalized and problem skin. It comes in a tube which contains 150ml of product and it retails at HKD300, approximately S$50.

According to the website, it’s formulated with traditional Korean medicinal herbs such as Small Solomonseal Powder, Honey and Japanese Honeysuckle. These ingredients will replenish nourishment to our skin’s texture and brighten up our skin tone. And this unique textured peel-off mask also effectively removes impurities and dead skin cells to promote clearer and smoother looking skin.

The texture and consistency is very much like honey, even its colour. It has a very light scent of herbs – barely noticeable even with the mask on and around the nose.

This mask is said to be so gentle to our skin, it can be used more than 3 times a week but I don’t always remember and have the time so I do it either weekly or fortnightly. I will do a post with all the masks I have and how I combine them in a week or two.

I like how the Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying Mask doubles up as an exfoliator. It works well, I didn’t have to use a facial scrub prior to using this mask, it gives a similar result.

I apply on dry, clean skin with my fingers. It spreads easily and evenly with fingers than with a brush. I apply a generous layer over my entire face in sections, from forehead to chin and avoid the eye and lip area. After approximately 20-30 minutes, when the mask is dried, peel off from top to bottom.

If you are in a rush or what happens if parts of the mask is still wet after peeling off? You can either use a tissue paper to dab on the area or a warm towel to wipe off. I also notice something about using peel-off masks, try not to sweat as the mask will not adhere to the skin nicely if sweat comes between the skin and the mask. The result will not be so significant if that happens.

The Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying Mask is probably one of my favourite peel-off masks because it does its job well. After the mask, my skin feels cleaner, smoother and brighter. It makes my skin feels more supple too.

Have you tried this mask before and do you use peel-off masks?

Thank you for reading.

17 thoughts on “Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying Mask

  1. Hey I’m really curious about peel-off masks as I’ve read that they aggravate sensitive skin. Do you happen to have sensitive or combination skin? The ingredients of this mask sounds really healthy, me thinks!

    Thanks for the review! I really hope that you’ll review more beauty products 🙂

  2. Hi Babe!
    Sulwhasoo is one of the brand I would want to try after my gf raved about their skincare… the mask looked good!
    I loved masks.. I think this peel off mask would be more gentle than the Kose Black mask!
    Thanks for the review!

    • Hihi,
      Thank you for visiting and commenting =)
      This mask is surely more gentle than the Kose one (I have that too).
      It peels off a lot easier and it doesn’t pull on the skin at all!!

  3. I am tempted. You should show us “the peel”, Joey. I am a bit freaked out with peel off mask when I have to deal with the peel – reminds me of a scalded skin.

    • Oh, “the peel”..
      Because of this mask’s texture, colour and nature being so gentle, you can hardly see anything on “the peel”..
      Unlike Kose Mask White where you can see so much going on ~~

  4. hi! do you use any other sulwhasoo products? are they effective? i’m really interested to try out some of their stuff, but i’m not too sure how much it sells for in korea (wanna get my friend to cp for me). are their stuff quite expensive? like say, sk2 price? or more than that? thanks!!

    • Hi,
      I only have Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying Mask and their Overnight Vitalizing Treatment.
      You can refer to the price list here for skincare products and here for their makeup products.
      I think Sulwhasoo Skin Clarifying Mask is worth a try =)

  5. hi, your sugestions are very good, and i see how your skin is more youthful and glowing. I also hear this cosmetic brand is the best on Asian world. I live in Perú (South America) and i was wondering how to purcharse this kind of products in my country or where can i buy them with total security. please i hope your aprecciate help. really thanks a lot 🙂

  6. Thanks for your time, i think you are a regular user from this products, what products from sulwashoo would you tell me for a 25 years old skin, and i have acne red marks? i don’t like, thanks 🙂

    • Hi Elicia,
      Normally, I try to get brushes from The Face Shop or Skin Food (S$7.20)..
      May be a little more expensive but those from SASA are very stretchy IMO and doesn’t last very long..

  7. I cannot live without this mask! I’ve been using it for 2 years now, and it’s a staple in my skincare routine. It’s a peel-off mask, but very gentle on the skin. It’s the only peel-off mask I have ever used as my skin is easily irritated. My skin is always bright, smooth, plump, and super soft after use. The effects don’t last very long (usually only 2 days), but the mask is well worth it as my skin always looks healthy after use. I use it 1-2x weekly. The Clarifying mask is my favourite Sulwhasoo product!

    Here is my full review:

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