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Givenchy Acid Summer Collection For 2011

Givenchy Acid Summer Collection For 2011 has arrived. This collection is now available at BHG and Isetan Scotts. Find out more about their current promotions here. Pretty surprised to see Givenchy’s promotional booth at BHG yesterday and I was so happy to see them bring in the entire collection for Summer. The Limited Edition Le Prismissime Yeux retails at S$84 and the new Photo’Perfexion Light retails at S$75.

The Limited Edition Le Prismissime Yeux didn’t appeal to me, colours were not as sharp as I would imagine but it’s a really pretty palette if you are into bold and loud shades.

The Mister Radiant is unique in a way. There are 3 different types of coloured microbeads suspended in the clear water-gel base which dissolves into the skin while applying. It’s interesting as the texture is so light, so watery and so refreshing. The amount of glow can be controlled by layering.

The Le Prisme Blush in 24 It-Girl Purple, retails at S$69. Unlike the Le Prisme Blush in Blooming Fuchsias from the Blooming Collection For Fall 2010, this blush comes in a unique combination of 4 shades for a customised result. This blush also bares a unique scent, like most of Givenchy’s products.

Swatches above taken indoor without flash – natural sunlight and below taken indoor with flash.

This blush is really pigmented and they are very finely milled too. A little goes a long way I reckon. They glide on very smoothly and velvety, texture feels very light on the skin.

Givenchy’s new addition to the Interdit family – the Gelee d’Interdit Balm Smoothing Gloss is available in 13 different shades and I picked up 9 Neon Orange. Each retails at S$41. It comes with a transparent brush applicator wand which I think looked very pretty.

Colour in the tube may seem very shockingly bright but when applied, it’s almost colourless on my lips. I love the golden, orange and green glitter reflects and I was trying to capture the beauty of them with my camera. The swatch above is taken indoor without flash – natural sunlight, can you see the beautiful glitter? The swatch below is taken indoor with flash, showing you the jelly-like finish of the gloss.

This gloss applies smoothly onto the lips, it’s jelly-like texture and consistency makes it easy to apply and has a cooling sensation. It feels lightweight on the lips, it’s not sticky and doesn’t feel gritty at all.

Are you planning on getting anything from this collection?

Hope this little post helped and thank you for reading. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

4 thoughts on “Givenchy Acid Summer Collection For 2011

  1. Hi Joey! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for Jessie and Rosie products… 🙂 I’m so glad to see a review of Givenchy makeup! In Malaysia, most of the focus (and advertising budget) goes to Japanese brands, giants like Dior, Lancome or Chanel… Brands such as YSL, Guerlain and Givenchy sort of fade into the background. 😦

    I like Givenchy bcos of their Prisme shaped blocks of colour! Having said that, 24 It-Girl Purple is a beaute! 😉

    • Hi Milktea,

      That’s interesting, I have not mentioned Jessie and Rosie in my blog before!!
      LOL.. But hey, thanks to the search machine for bringing you here =)

      I agree, even in Singapore, Givenchy is very understated.
      Not many talk about their products which I feel is such ashame, they have wonderful products.
      Probably due to the lack of publicity, Givenchy is very slow with their collections, almost the last to launch every season – which is annoying!!
      I hope they will buck up and catch up with the rest where it should belong!!

  2. It-Girl Purple is a must! I also want Givenchy Acid Summer multi-coloured eye palette – the shades are so vivid, bold & playful.

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