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Introducing Shu Uemura Color Atelier

Shu Uemura have launched their range of Color Atelier Pressed Eyeshadows and Glow On Blushers exclusively at Takashimaya on Friday.

The range of Color Atelier Pressed Eyeshadows consist of new and existing shades in 5 various finishes, Matte, Pearl, IRidescent, MEtallic and Glitters and Glow On Blushers in 3 categories namely for Highlight, Blusher and Shadow & Accent. For more information on the range of colours and prices, please visit Rouge Deluxe and Everbluec.

I am particularly drawn to the design of the palette casings. The casings look sleek and modern with the white ones being limited edition and the black ones are permanent.

These new casings are designed by Kumiko Inui based on traditional Japanese craftwork which features innovative mechanism. The unique design allows us to reuse and refill which is more economical in a long run. It requires no glue, no tape and no magnet to hold the pans in place – the pans slides in and out of the palettes at ease.

Watch the concept video put together by Shu Uemura here >

The wide array of colours also got me very excited.

For swatches of the Pressed Eyeshadows and Glow On Blushers, visit Rouge Deluxe here and here.

While I was browsing the Color Atelier site, Shu Uemura customised a palette for me base on a few questions. The result – Urban Chic. It’s kind of cool because I quite like the palette. There is also step-by-step guide to achieving this look.

Have you created your palette? What is the result?

Click here to start.

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