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Laneíge Pore Deep Cleansing Foam

Laneíge have recently introduced their newly improved Pore Care Range which includes 4 products – the Pore Clear Essence, Pore Tight Essence, Pore Minimizing Pack and the Pore Deep Cleansing Foam.

Combining Laneíge’s Pore Purifying Complex™ and an ancient beauty secret, we can now pamper ourselves to crystal clear skin. The  Pore Purifying Complex™ is a marriage of natural ingredients and technology and contains Salicylic Acid – which prevents breakouts and clogging of pores, Melia Bark Extract – which contains detoxifying components and Keratinase – which increases the turnover rate of dead skin cells.

Another ingredient, Ghassoul – Moroccan Clay from Atlas Mountains are found only in Morocco. Ghassoul is a 100% natural clay from the mountainous ranges in Atlas that has been used to beautify the skin, hair, scalp and faces of Ancient Roman and Egyptian royalties until today. Ghassoul is the ideal choice of ingredient for pore care because it contains no reactive surfactants and is great for chemical-free skin cleansing. As it is rich in natural, ionised minerals, the use of Ghassoul re-fills cellulite between skin cells, creating smooth, supple skin.

Today, I have the Laneíge Pore Deep Clearing Foam for you. It comes in a tube containing 160ml of product and it retails at S$30.

The Pore Deep Clearing Foam is a mild foaming cleanser packed with micro-scrubbing beads that purify pores and bring about smoother skin. Suppleness is restored as impurities are exfoliated gently away. This product claims to eliminates dirt on the skin’s surface and within the pores with mild plant-based ingredients while leaving a fresh hydrating effect. It also claims to fortifies the skin’s defense system to keep skin problems at bay.

 Although I know for a fact that the product is brand new in box but I get impressed when skincare products come with a seal.

The consistency of this cleanser is creamy and smooth. In fact, I could hardly detect the micro-scrubbing beads at all. It lathers into foam very easily and quickly – a little goes a long way, I only need a pea size for my entire face and neck.

I have been trying this cleanser for the past 2 weeks. I use it every morning and night and I am liking it. My skin feels smooth and clean without traces of oiliness after using the cleanser. Although it’s a foaming cleanser, my skin doesn’t feel tight nor dry either.

However, I feel that the after cleanse sebum control can be improved. My T-zone gets oily a little quicker using this cleanser as compared to my usual Clarins one. It could be due to the changing and getting used to a new product that’s causing the oiliness.

Another thing I have realised, is that my skin looks more radiant and clearer these days – I haven’t changed any of my skincare products, only this cleanser. But hey, cleanser is the first vital step to clear skin, right?

Overall, I like using this cleanser – especially after removing my makeup with a cleansing oil. I think this cleanser works well on my skin type – combination (oily T-zone, dry cheeks) and the best part is, I didn’t experience any breakouts from switching of cleansers. I get worried every time I change or introduce something new to my skincare routine.

The entire Laneíge Pore Care Range is available for sale at all Laneíge counters. Below is the price list for your reference;-

  • Pore Deep Clearing Foam, 160ml – S$30
  • Pore Minimizing Pack, 100ml – S$36
  • Pore Clear Essence, 20ml – S$42
  • Pore Tight Essence, 40ml – S$56

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