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Sephora Instant Moisture Mask

The new Sephora Instant Moisture Mask is a do-it-yourself mask that hydrates the skin almost instantly. It’s selling at S$17 for a pack of 4 masks. These masks are formulated without Parabens, Sulfates-Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan.

And they are formulated to boost and refresh our skin in under 10 minutes. According to the website, HydroSenn+, a plant-derived active ingredient provides instant moisture and comfort even more effectively than hyaluronic acid.

It’s really simple and fun to apply. The masks come with a shaker, fill water to the indicated line, empty the sachet of powder into the water and shake. Shake until you don’t hear any sound – that’s what the SA told me when I purchased it and she was right. It’s not messy, it doesn’t spill or require any tough measuring.

Upon application, it feels cooling. The consistency and colour are like Vaseline but without the grease. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t drip. Each mixture is sufficient for 2 person – use it with a friend or keep it refrigerated. I apply all the way down to the neck.

You can either apply it with a spatula, a brush or with your fingers. I prefer using a brush as it’s easier to get most of the mixture out from the shaker.

After application, my skin felt more supple and calm. At the price, I think this mask is worth a try. It is recommended to use once a week and if you do all the maths, it’s merely S$2 per application (S$17 for 4 sachets = S$4.25 per sachet and each sachet can be used on two persons or twice). Personally, I think this mask is great for calming down the skin after being under the sun or on a hot day where your skin needs a little drink. But don’t expect too much, at S$17, I think it does its job well and I would probably purchase them again.

This product is tested under dermatological control and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Some research results you may be interested to know – extracted from their website – In a use test with 21 volunteers carried out under dermatological supervision over 21 days (10 minute application time, self evaluated 2 hours after application and rinsing):

  • 76% of volunteers noticed a more smooth, rested appearance
  • 81% of volunteers noticed a more radiant complexion
  • 100% of volunteers experienced instant hydration.

Thank you for reading.

Do you think you will pick up the Sephora Instant Moisture Mask to try?

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