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A Few Items From Shu Uemura Color Atelier

Have you popped by a Shu Uemura counter lately? If so, have you checked out their new range of Color Atelier Pressed Eyeshadows, Glow On Blushers and Ethnocolor Scope Tokyo Lash Bar 2011 Collection?

I thought I could wait a little longer before getting the new eyeshadows and blushers but obviously that’s not the case. Did a tiny purchase of 4 Pressed Eyeshadows in P Light Beige 820, P Light Green 520, ME Soft Copper 270 and M Dark Brown 895 and 4 Glow On Blushers in M Soft Pink 335, P Medium Coral 366, P Soft Orange 540 and M Medium Peach 561.

I chose the white palette casings instead of the black.

Each pressed eyeshadow refill contains 1.4g of product and retails at S$22. Each glow on blusher refill contains 4g of product and retails at S$33. The quad custom casing retails at S$22 each. It also comes in mono casing (for single eyeshadow refills) and duo casing (for 2 eyeshadow refills or a blusher), retailing at S$12 and S$14 respectively.

The refills are slightly slimmer than the previous range thus there is no way one can squeeze the older pans into the new casings.

The palette including the refills is modern, sleek, slim and neat. The sliding mechanism operates very steadily, slides in and out without any problems. However, I wish Shu Uemura will come up with larger palettes that can hold more eyeshadows and/or blushers so we don’t have too many stacks of the quads.

I am enjoying the new range because of the more affordable price range and that they come in refills, one can simply pop the refills into their existing palettes and nothing goes to waste. When I depotted the old Shu Uemura eyeshadows, I didn’t know what to do with the casing. It seems wrong to throw them away but there is really not much use keeping them either. By selling just the refill, we are technically paying for what we are getting, fabulous.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye for a look featuring this new palette of mine, swatches, thoughts and comparisons.

4 thoughts on “A Few Items From Shu Uemura Color Atelier

  1. Looks really nice and can’t wait for your review 🙂 However, I’m giving them a pass this time. Each e/s retails for RM60, which means it will be RM240 for a quad. I’m not even sure how much a palette is although they are having a promo this month where you get a free palette if you “fill” it up. It’s still more expensive than a Dior / Chanel palette!

    • Hi Lyn,
      No hurry, they are all permanent which is great.
      Ya, they are more expensive than Chanel and Dior eyeshadow palettes but they contain a lot more product =)
      And of course, the freedom to personalize.

  2. love your choice of blush colors! 🙂 They all look great together!
    I think we should have the get free palette if we pay for the eyeshadows/ blushes inside too! $22 seems a tad much to pay for the casing in my opinion..

    • Thanks Sophia..
      I wanted them to compliment each other, one natural and one pop =)
      A reader mentioned KL is having this promotion whereby you get a free palette if you fill up the palette, wish SG does that!!

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