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10 Of My Favourite LUSH Products

A reader requested for a post on my favourite LUSH products.

As LUSH is technically not readily available in Singapore, it’s a little difficult to get my hands on their latest and seasonal products. I usually hunt LUSH down on the first few days of my travel so I can enjoy their Fresh Face Masks throughout my holiday. Nonetheless, I have a list of my favourites here for you – mostly are their permanent items, ranging from face masks to hand creams.

If you love mangos – the fruit, you will probably like You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt (mentioned here) because it smells exactly like the fruit. Very refreshing, as if soaked in a tub of mangos. If you aren’t really into the whole idea of soaking yourself in a tub of mangos, Dreamtime Bath Melt (reviewed here) is another one of my favourites. What I love about the bath melts is, it provides a thin layer of oil to moisturize the skin. Not too overwhelming for a humid country like Singapore. After the hot bath, my skin feels lightly moisturized, all I had to do is pat dry the skin and skip my body cream.

Ma Bar (reviewed here) is by far my favourite Bubble Bars – one that I kept buying and stocking up. The smell of  chocolate toffee is pure indulgence and despite the size – as compared to others like The Comforter, it gathers tonnes of bubbles.

For those who do not have a bath tub at home, don’t worry, the following products are equally fantastic.

Spread a generous amount of Almond & Coconut Smoothie all over your body. The smoothie is creamy and fluffy, the smell of vanilla and coconut relaxes the mind, body and soul – gets me ready for bed. When your body needs a little scrub, Porridge Soap (reviewed here) comes in handy.

If you are adventurous enough, try their Seanik Solid Shampoo (mentioned here). Honestly, I have never tried solid shampoos before. Prior to trying this, I thought it’s going to be real messy but I was wrong.

I have tried almost every single one of their Fresh Face Masks and the two that I really like are Mask Of Magnaminty (reviewed here) and Oatifix. Oatifix is great for dry skin or when your skin needs a little drink – the smell of bananas is delicious.

Sweet Lips Lip Scrub is perfect for removing dry skin on the lips – leaving them smooth and shiny. I love the smell of Sweet Lips, also available in other flavors. Lastly, Helping Hands Hand Cream is my sister and my favourite – it doesn’t leave an oily residue, product gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. It comes in a bottle as well, which is more convenient.

I know there is a shop that sells LUSH at the Holland Village Shopping Centre but I can’t remember the exact unit.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what are your favourite LUSH products below.

10 thoughts on “10 Of My Favourite LUSH Products

  1. Hi Joey
    my favourite Lush products are Rub Rub Rub and Olive Branch shower gels, Silky Underwear (powder) and Imogen Rose solid perfume 🙂 Yup, unfortunately Lush is not available in Singapore, so I normally have to order from their UK website and pay shipping charges 😦

    • Hi Esther,
      Thank you so much for sharing =)
      I have not tried anything you mentioned except for Rub Rub Rub..
      How does the shipping work?
      By weight or flat rate?
      I have not ordered directly before..

  2. Hi Joey
    you can order from Lush’s UK website, I usually pay 9.95pounds for shipping. I think this should be the flat rate cos the 4 times that I ordered from them, this is the shipping fee that they charge me 🙂

    • Hi Shelnmum,
      Thank you so much for sharing the information =)
      I am looking forward to getting them when I travel next month!!
      And flat rate is really cool, esp for bathing products – cos they are usually very heavy, like shower gels etc.

  3. Personally I like AoBS though some can’t take the smell 😛
    and I want to get Mask Of Magnaminty! I heard so much good reviews about it 🙂
    LUSH should come back!

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